Sunday, August 28, 2011

Small Batch Baking

Good evening! I slept in this morning and woke up to eat some breakfast, wash dishes, and try a recipe from a book I got from the library yesterday. I saw Small Batch Baking at the bookstore last week and I thought I'd see if my library had the book as the idea of making a small batch of cookies was a perfect solution to the usual three dozen cookies when you only want a few :)

The chocolate chip cookie recipe called for only the smallest amount of ingredients to make a batch of six cookies. I will say I love these chocolate chip cookies! I do recommend you going by your local library and looking for a copy of the book. Especially if you are the type of person who doesn't like a lot of fuss in the kitchen, who has a sweet tooth, or who has chocolate cravings every once in a while :)

The only thing I do not recommend about this book is the use of aluminum cans to make small cakes. Please do not use empty aluminum cans. No matter how clean you think they are or that it sounds like a great idea; they are not safe to use. You can buy some baking containers to make small cake that are quite inexpensive!

Otherwise, I give the book an 'A' so far!

Until next time ^____^


  1. I love this idea especially since it is just my mom and I over here and we don't have that big of a sweet tooth. Whoever came up with the idea for the book is a genius!! hehe Can't wait to get it and try it myself someday. :) I like experimenting with my baking too like with my beading. This would make it perfect. :)

  2. I need to check out your book. Small batches would definitely work to cure a craving.