Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cherry Blossom Cute

I know Amanda will remember our Taiwanese cherry tree in our yard. Last year, it only had three blossoms, but this year (despite the snow/ice storm!!) it has several clusters of blossoms!

Blooming flowers always make me smile, especially after a gloomy winter! Flowering trees are no exception! One year I would love to go to a cherry blossom festival!!!

Until next time ^_____^

Shop Review - It's Cute

I ordered some merchandise from It's Cute after I heard it mentioned in a resin video tutorial. I thought I'd review it here since it's a great shop.

First off, I love the adorable packing! The kawaii mold I ordered came in a polka dot/teacup bag. The mold and the stickers came in a pretty pink bubble envelope.

Second, the shipping is super fast! I ordered it last Friday and I received it earlier this week.

Third, it's a local shop in GA. It's always good to order from home grown shops when possible ;)

I can't wait to use the stickers and the mold!!!

Until next time ^____^

Asian Food Adventure: Plum Ramune

I bought a bottle of plum ramune to work with me for my coworkers to try. I've never seen this flavor at our Asian markets so I had to pick it up. The plum flavor is very faint so it's almost like drinking regular flavored ramune.

It's worth a try though if you want to sample every flavor of ramune out there!

Until next time ^____^

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spinel Sun (Suppi) Amigurumi

Pattern: Kero-chan with modified feet and ears
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Black
Hook: Size H
Notions: light blue felt and DMC 310 and 597 threads
Start/Finish: 2/3-8/2014

Using the Kero-chan pattern I stitched up last year, I made a Suppi amigurumi from the Cardcaptor series this week.

I love all the characters in the Cardcaptor series, but Suppi is one of my faves. He gets drunk when he eats any sort of sweets which is adorable!

I stitched up the ears just making up my own pattern because I wanted a larger ear than usual, but they aren't pointy/round like I wanted, but I'll live ;)


Until next time ^___^

Asian Food Adventure: Golden Sweet Corn

Today I stopped by my local Asian market because I was craving ramune soda and red bean buns. I found something new in their snack section, Golden Sweet Corn. Of course, I had to pick it up.......

.....after tasting this: I can only describe it as strange and good at the same time. It definitely tastes and smells like sweet corn (reminds me of cream corn actually). I would recommend this snack if you find it at your local Asian market.

I'm bringing this to share with my friends tomorrow afternoon when we meet up for Nicole's birthday party!

Until next time ^____^

Bring Your Ami To Work Friday - Part 7

Wow! I haven't brought my amigurumis to BYATWF since November! They might have felt neglected, but that isn't true. With jury duty one month and the flu, I haven't had the opportunity to bring them to work.

Yesterday I brought Anna and Mr. Lucky to hang out with me until Mr. Lucky went off to live with Pat at her new job.

Until next time ^____^

Good Luck Fortune Cookie

Pattern: Fortune Cookie
Yarn: Baby Bee teddy
Hook: Size H
Notions: 6mm safety eyes, DMC 310 thread, and 3/8" shamrock ribbon
Start/Finish: 2/4/2014

Pat, one of my coworkers, is transferring to another department so I decided to make her a goodbye gift. I made her a fortune cookie amigurumi and transformed it into a good luck cookie by using green ribbon with white shamrocks that I found at Hobby Lobby.

Good Luck Pat!!! I hope you like your new job!

Until next time ^___^

Kawaii Resin Pendants

Kristina and I had fun last Saturday making resin pendants. She showed me how to use 2-part resin, I wasn't able to show her how to use the UV resin though. It was cloudy weather......

We experimented with glitter, sprinkles, and stickers. I think my favorite is the little girl in the green pendant!

I also tried to teach Kristina how to crochet so she can make amigurumis too. Sadly, she is left-handed so neither one of us made in headway in that attempt at teaching. To my right-handed mind, her stitching looks odd. Perhaps some videos online will help her out since I know no one who is left-handed and crochets.

Until next time ^___^

Fun Amigurumis

Pattern: Cloud Freebie by Imaginary Wardrobe
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Light Blue
Hook: Size H
Notions: 6mm safety eyes, DMC 310 thread, and pink felt
Start/Finish: 2/2/2014

Pattern: Sushi by Yummi Gurumi
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft White
Hook: Size H
Notions: Black, pink, and yellow felt and DMC 310 thread
Start/Finish: 2/2/2014

I was searching through my stash and online for patterns to make last Sunday. I found a cute pattern for a mini cloud. My only complaint is the incorrect stitch count at the end of each row. If you follow the instructions, you will still make a cloud, just ignore the stitch count.

With time to spare, I made an egg sushi using a pattern from Yummi Gurumi, which didn't make any sense to me so I stitched it up as best I could. Instead of stitching the egg part of the sushi, I used felt to make the egg and nori strip.

Until next time ^___^