Sunday, February 27, 2011


Design: Tea Time Samplers #2, Tulip Basket by Just Cross Stitch
Fabric: 32ct lambswool Wichelt-Permin
Threads: DMC 433, 924, and 3364
Start/Finish: 2/27/2011

A lovely day for stitching a spring-themed design. This small sampler motif is part of the Tea Time Samplers #2 leaflet. There is another design on the leaflet that I would like to start, but I need to get some more of lambswool color linen.

Until next time ^____^

Spring finish

Design: Spots of Spring by Pine Mountain Designs
Fabric: 28ct antique white M.C.G. Textiles
Threads: DMC
Start/Finish: 2/19-22/2011
Finish as pillow: 2/27/2011

Good afternoon! When I bought this design at my LNS last weekend, it came with a pre-made pillow. I got the chance to slip it into the pillow this morning. I love the colors as it really does match the design quite well.

I've spent the morning rummaging through my stash of patterns looking for something new to stitch. There are some old Just Cross Stitch patterns that I might start on, assuming that I have enough linen in my stash to start them.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We are having some lovely weather on the Gulf Coast. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will continue to have good weather as you never know how the month of March will turn out.

Until next time ^___^

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spots of Spring

Design: Spots of Spring by Pine Mountain Designs
Fabric: 28ct antique white M.C.G. Textiles
Threads: DMC
Start/Finish: 2/19-22/2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm late, very, very late!

During a trip to the MRGS' rock and gem show at the fairgrounds last November, my sister and I actually picked up two other brooches that I couldn't talk about until after the holidays because they were gifts for my Aunt Snowbird.

Knitting pin

My sister bought my aunt this lovely Danecraft knitting-themed pin. Isn't it cute?

Sewing pin

Who would have thought that we would see another hobby-themed pin in the bunch? I saw this Serger sewing-themed pin and knew it was perfect for my aunt.

During December, my friends and I had our annual anime Christmas get together. My friend Kristina bought me two pins, which I hadn't the time to photograph until now.

She bought me a lovely flower bouquet pin and Christmas tree pin.

Flower bouquet pin

Christmas tree pin

I love both of these pins! The flower bouquet is perfect for wearing to work and you can never have too many holiday pins ;)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Until next time ^___^

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Somba Lady Part 1

Design: Somba Lady dresser scarf by Fairway Needlecraft
Threads: DMC
Start: May 2010
Finish: First half of scarf - 2/19/2011

Good evening! I hope you are enjoying the start of the weekend. We are enjoying some lovely weather on the Gulf Coast with spring temps. This morning my aunt and I went by a frame shop in Satsuma to get several things framed. I hope to have photos of them next weekend if possible.

We also went by our LNS to browse. My aunt bought some lovely silk yarn while I bought two pillow kits and a needlebook kit. We were sad to learn that our LNS is going to close at the end of March. I will be reduced to shopping online as the closest needlework shop is in Pensacola. (sigh)

I finished up the first half of the Somba Lady dresser scarf this evening. I plan on putting it aside to start on some cross stitch projects. I hope to start something new tomorrow if I have the time.

Enjoy your weekend! Until next time ^____^

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bunnies....lots and lots of bunnies!

Hi! I had a package waiting for me this evening from my dear friend in CA. I thought it would be a Valentine's Day themed package....much to my surprise it was full of bunnies in celebration of the New Year and other goodies ;)

See, I told you it was a lot of bunnies and other goodies!

The package contained a California Starbucks mug, a box of yummy pineapple cakes, a smaller box of chocolates, a bunny plush cell phone holder, US Postal Year of the Rabbit stationery set and stamps, Chinese stationery card set, rubber stamps in a cute Easter egg, My Melody cutlery set, a shower cap, two cell charms (a flashlight and a plushie), and a bunny bottle contained an angel necklace and earrings.

A close-up of the necklace and earring set!

So many bunnies! I love the pastel Easter tin and egg-shaped box. I can't wait to use them for a Spring/Easter display! I wish my cell phone wasn't so would be dwarfed by the cute bunny plushie cell charm! ......I think I might have to upgrade my cell phone to accommodate it ^___^

If I'm not mistaken, the necklace and earring set were handmade by my friend. She is avid beader and crafter. I admire anyone who has the patience to bead :)

I will have to keep a lookout for the Starbucks State mugs and see if I can find a Alabama one!

Thank you dear friend for all the lovely goodies!

Until next time ^_____^

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Somba Lady

Design: Somba Lady dresser scarf by Fairway Needlecraft
Threads: DMC

I have slowly been stitching on this dresser scarf every night since I posted on Wednesday. I think when I get this part finished, I will put it aside to work on some cross stitch.

Wishing a great week ;)

Until next time ^___^

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dresser Scarf

Design: Somba Lady dresser scarf by Fairway Needlecraft
Threads: DMC
Start: May 2010?

I think I started stitching on this design in May 2010, but I really can't remember as I put it down and started other projects and never got around to working on this design again until now.

I haven't done much on the design beside finishing some stem stitching and starting the french knots. I thought I had all the required DMC thread colors, but somehow I only have a few of them. I think perhaps I used alot of them over the year. I will definitely have to buy threads this weekend.

I hope you're enjoying the week.

Until next time ^_____^

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rose in the Morning finish

Design: Rose in the Morning by Little House Needleworks
Threads: Recommended Crescent Colours, DMC B5200 and 809
Fabric: 32ct waterlily Jobelan
Start/Finish: 10/02 & 17, 12/27-29/2010, 2/5-6/2011

Hi! After grocery shopping this morning, I came home and had a good (and bad ^__^) breakfast consisting of a golden milk bun and a bottle of Ramune soda. I put a load of laundry in and sat down to finish up the border on LHN Rose in the Morning.

I am still hesitate on the color that I chose for the border as it seems too dark, but the Petite Maison thread that was recommended for the design was too light for the fabric.

What to stitch on next? A WIP or a new start....hmmm....I'll have to think about it ;)

Until next time ^____^ Have a great day and upcoming work week.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese New Year and a package

Good morning! Today is the Chinese New Year! As you know, in celebration of the New Year (with one of my favorite zodiac animals) I ended up stitching and finishing a few bunny designs in January.

To further celebrate the New Year, I sent my bunny finishes to a dear friend of mine in CA. They arrived yesterday, just in time to decorate her apt for the Chinese New Year.

One of my favorite things about sending packages to my friends is finding the perfect box to put them in! I saw this adorable cherry blossom heart box at Hobby Lobby in early January when they were starting to put their Valentine merchandise out and knew it would be perfect for the Chinese New Year package I was going to send my friend! The photo is much better than my previous photos of all my finishes. You can actually see the color of the blue bunny pincushion fabric!! ^___^

The second part of the package was Valentine's Day, a bit early I must admit, but at least it wasn't late this year!

As usual, I went overboard with the candy for the Valentine's Day part of the package, but I knew my friend would share all the chocolate with her family and friends so I don't feel too guilty! Yet again, the larger heart box is from Hobby Lobby. It is actually a photo storage box, which I thought would be perfect to mail off all the goodies and later on as a photo box as my friend is always going on trips with her family and friends and has a plethora of photographs of her travels!

The smaller box with the cute heart and birdcage design is from Target's dollar section (another one of my favorite places to shop for cute boxes, etc. for the holidays!). It contains two large plastic hearts filled with Hershey's and Reeses's chocolate hearts. The plastic hearts are from the dollar section too ;)

Other gifts include two small plastic flower containers to store scrapbooking materials or any small notions, playing cards (a gift from my sister to my friend from her last trip to Boston), a very cute stuffed dinosaur, a stitched bookmark with my friend's initials, a Glee bookmark, a Hello Kitty Chinese takeout tin box filled with lucky paper stars, the Tudor Valetine pinkeep, a lovely Oriental bird pendant, and two books.

Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange was surprisingly good as I do not read Jane Austen sequels. I picked this book up a year or so ago and finally decided to read it. After finishing it, I decided to pass it on to my friend in CA to read and see what she thinks of it. The other book is The Secret History of the Pink Carnation series. I have not read this book, but my mother has read it and said it was good so I picked it up for my friend for her Valentine's package.

Glad you liked all your gifts my friend!! Now to think of a fun birthday package to send you......

To all my Asian readers, have a great Chinese New Year today!

Until next time ^_____^