Sunday, November 30, 2014

Celtic Biscornu

Pattern: Heart of my Heart freebie by Papillon Creations
Fabric: 28ct evenweave antique white linen by M.C.G Textiles
Thread: DMC 561
Start/Finish: 11/29-30/2014

This is the Celtic biscornu I mentioned earlier. It actually calls for two shades of the same color thread. I thought I was going to use two colors of emerald green, but after stitching a little of the interior, I found that I like the design as an outline instead of fully colored.

I was hoping that I had a different color for the buttons, but I only had Christmas green colored buttons in my stash. I suppose it will have to do.

Now I have cross stitch patterns to 'finish' this week and then start on the final block of Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's OUAT sampler.

Until next time >____<

Friday, November 28, 2014

Geeky Biscornu ~ Dr. Who

Pattern: Tardis Biscornu freebie by magical525
Fabric: 28ct evenweave antique white linen by M.C.G Textiles
Threads: DMC 310, 666, 798, 973, and white
Start/Finish: 11/25-28/2014

Good evening everyone! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family :)

On Tuesday, I started another Christmas stitching project. I decided to look online for a Dr. Who biscornu pattern to make for my friend Nicole. Luckily, I ran across a cross stitcher on deviantart who had a freebie pattern for a Tardis design. 

With a short holiday from work, I was able to finish stitching my biscornu today. I thought I was going to run out of the blue DMC 798 color, but I had just enough to whip stitch the edges! The thread gods were merciful as I was hoping I wouldn't have to go to my local craft store on Black Friday for more thread! 

I've got one more Christmas stitching project this season. I will be making another biscornu. My friend Candace loves Celtic designs and I found a beautiful Celtic heart design that I will start tomorrow after I come home from pulling our Christmas tree and decorations out of storage.

Until next time ^____^

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Onigiri Love cross stitch

Pattern: Onigiri by an unknown designer
Fabric: 32 ct Belfast Cream linen by Wichelt
Threads: DMC 310, 601, and B5200
Start/Finish: 11/23/2014

Looking online for kawaii designs, I found an adorable pattern for an onigiri. I hope to finish this as a pincushion if I can find the right type of material for the inside of the pincushion. I would like to make it heavy like a standard strawberry or tomato pincushion.

Until next time >___<

Give Joy Finish

Pattern: Give Joy by Country Cottage  Needleworks in JCS Christmas  2014 issue
Fabric: 32 ct Belfast Cream linen by Wichelt 
Threads: recommended DMC 
Start/Finish: 11/22-23/2014

Another cross stitch finish. I love the colors in this design. I think I might try a different way of finishing this design...depending on what I can find at the craft store.

Onward to the next design! For all my American readers, have a great short work week before Thanksgiving.

Until next time >___<

Snow Globe Finish

Pattern: French Country Snow Globe by JBW Designs 
Fabric: 32 ct Belfast Cream linen by Wichelt
Threads: DMC 321, 520, 936, and B5200
Start/Finish: 11/17-22/2014

My first Christmas stitching project is finished. I'm not sure how I'll 'finish' it...perhaps my usual pinkeep finish.

Until next time >___<

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snow Globe Progress

My progress so far this week. I have been stitching before and after work. I love the message in the white stitching....the word 'snow' repeated throughout those areas.

Until next time  >___<

Sunday, November 16, 2014

JBW Snow Globe Cross Stitch Progress

I started this design this afternoon and I'm loving it so far.

Pattern: French Country Snow Globe by JBW Designs 
Fabric: 32 ct Belfast Cream linen by Wichelt 
Threads: DMC
Start: 11/16/2014

I will have to look through my stash and see what Christmas fabrics I have to finish this design. Perhaps a trip to my local craft store is in order?!

Until next time >___<

1940s Baking - Corn Meal Cookies

Good morning! I hope you are enjoying a nice Sunday. We are enjoying some warmer weather in the 70s after a few days of 30s-40s. I wish it would last, but we are due for more cold weather this week.

I had bought a cookbook from the Book Nook several years ago for my sister. It was a 1948 copy of Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook. Looking through it a couple of weekends ago, I found a cookie recipe that I wanted to try my hand at.

On Tuesday, I got up early and baked a batch of corn meal cookies, they came out crunchy and a little burnt on the bottom. I took them to work the next day and everyone seemed to like them despite the faults. One of coworkers said that they were great, but dangerous as the flavor isn't overly sweet, which makes you think you can eat more of them.

This morning I decided I would try the recipe again and lower the temperature from 400 to 350 instead of 375 like I had tried the first time. I also switched out my dark cookie pans for lighter air bake pans. Both my sister and aunt suggested those changes when I told them about attempting the recipe again. I only thought of changing the temperature, I had completely forgot about our old air bake pans.

Viola! yummy soft cookies. I switched the baking time between 10 minutes and 12 minutes. Baking them for 10 minutes makes the cookie crisp around the edges with a soft center and baking them for 12 minutes gives the cookie a darker color and a crispy texture throughout the entire cookie.

This recipe is definitely a keeper. I love the fact that with just raisins, lemon extract, nutmeg, and corn meal, you have a wonderful cookie. Perfect for when you want something sweet, but not too sweet.

I think I'll look through the cookbook again and see what other recipes I want to try in the future.

Until next time ^____^

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fox amongst dandelions cross stitch

Pattern: Fox from Woodland Sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Threads: DMC 310, 351, 470, 782, 919, 937, B5200, and Ecru
Fabric: 28 ct evenweave antique white by Charles Craft
Start/Finish: 11/10-11/2014

I had purchased Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Woodland Sampler last year since it featured a multitude of cute woodland creatures in blocks. I knew I could stitch up quite a few of them individually to make into gifts for friends.

I think my favorite so far in the sampler is the fox. It looks so adorable amongst a field of dandelions.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start some Christmas designs for my gift giving this year.

Until next time ^___^

Dracula Ballet

Last Sunday, Kristina and I went downtown to see the Dracula ballet performed by the Mobile Ballet company. It featured Raul Peinado as Count Dracula, Lauren Woods as Lucy, Noel Hanley as Mina, and William Blanken as Jonathan.

The ballet is an original ballet choreographed by Winthrop Corey. I remember seeing the ballet when it was first debuted when I was in college. I had gone to see it during its evening performance with my family. I thought it was a beautiful ballet.

Seeing it once again, the ballet did not disappoint in terms of beauty. My only complaint was that the director went with the musical score that he used during its first showing. The score included music from Interview with a Vampire and I believe the music from Legends of the Fall. While the music adds the right sort of eeriness and emotion to the dancing, I felt that after ten years since its first showing that the director had enough time to have original music composed for the ballet. Hopefully by the next time the ballet is performed again, the music will have been updated.

The ending of the ballet tested my fortitude as I desperately wanted to laugh at Dracula's death scene. It took quite a while and all I could think of while it was going on was a line from the Colonial Radio Theatre's audio drama Jarrem Lee Ghost Hunter's The Whitechapel Vampire......'The memory of Vadevah is LONG!" (I apologize if the spelling of the vampire's name is wrong.....I couldn't find it anywhere on the net.)

The next ballet in the 2014-2015 season is the Nutcracker and Cinderella. I am really excited to see the Cinderella performance. I can't wait to see if they use the original choreography by Zakharov or if the director decides to use a different version of the ballet.

I wonder if I can persuade Bonnie to come along with us to see the Cinderella ballet?! Her photography skills are little camera just can't keep up.

Until next time ^____^

Indian Temple Mound Museum, Fort Walton Beach

Last Saturday after we had lunch we still had time to kill before the Scott McNeil panel at Fandom. We had seen a sign for a Native American museum close by when driving to lunch...since Kristina and I were both anthropology majors in college, we knew we had to stop and see the museum.

The grounds actually include four museums, the Indian Temple Mound Museum, the 1912 Camp Walton Schoolhouse Museum, the 1918 Garnier Post Office Museum, and an Civil War exhibition.

We were told by a lovely woman in the museum gift shop where to go first since we had a limited amount of time at the museum. We decided to go to the schoolhouse first (the white building pictured above). The schoolhouse served the community of Camp Walton from 1912 to 1936 with grades from first to eighth. In 1927 another room was added onto the schoolhouse to teach children from ninth to twelfth grade as children could not apply for college without graduating the twelfth grade.

The schoolhouse was made from local yellow pine and other woods. It had been destroyed at one point from a hurricane and it was restored by a local group using as much of the original wood as could be found.

The exhibitions in this schoolhouse were lovely with displays of textbooks used, toys made during the time period, and photographs of several of the classes that attended the school. The entire schoolhouse was setup as if the school was still in operation with period furniture, chalk slates, etc.

Behind the schoolhouse were two smaller buildings, one housing the Garnier post office and an Civil War exhibition. The post office was setup to resemble the original post office that operated in Camp Walton from 1918 until 1956. It houses original artifacts from the post office along with others to illustrate how it would have operated.

Kristina and I both loved the text panels throughout the room. There were several with fun facts about post delivery during the time period. Did you know that Norway used cats to deliver mail at one point? Me neither.......

Beside the post office was another building housing a Civil War exhibition featuring artifacts from the area and text material on the local history of how the war affected the city of Camp Walton.

After seeing those areas, Kristina and I walked around the Indian mound and up the stairs to see the temple structure that was reconstructed by archaeologists to resemble what it might have looked like many years ago.

We went into the museum beside the temple and were quite amazed by the exhibition inside. I've seen some Native American museums that really need work, which isn't the fault of the staff per se, but due to the lack of funding and interest by the local community surrounding it. The Fort Walton museum was beautiful. The displays were informative and quite well done. Kristina and I both agreed that it was one of best Native American museums we have been to in a while.

If you are in the area and have a moment or two to spare, please stop by and see the museums. It is a great way to spend an afternoon!

Until next time ^___^

Fandom 2014

Hi, again! Kristina and I went to Fort Walton Beach last Saturday to the Fandom convention. We went (well, I persuaded Kristina to go) because the voice actor, Scott McNeil, was a guest there. He has voiced many characters included one of my favorites in the MLP universe, Flam. The Flim and Flam brothers are con artists in the MLP show. I love the vaudeville feel of their characters.

Since Amanda had gotten me a Flim and Flam poster from SDCC this year I decided to bring it along to get Mr. McNeil to sign it for me. He was a great speaker, extremely funny and quirky.

I love the fact that he actually spoke to each of his fans as they walked up to get their items signed or get pictures taken with him. I've noticed at some conventions that the voice actors will just sign things with hardly any conversation besides the usual 'thanks for coming'.

He loved the poster and asked where I got it. He mentioned that he really needed a few of them so he could remember how to sing the 'Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000' song as he said that he and the voice actor for Flim had such a hard time with the song as it was quite the tongue twister.

I wish I had other pictures from the convention of cosplayers and the like, but Kristina and I only spent time at the panels for Robert Axelrod and Scott McNeil and then a little time in the dealers room since we got to the convention around noon.

Kristina bought a few things as gifts for our friends for our annual Christmas party. Usually I buy a few things, but I only came away with one thing, but it's PERFECT!

I found a large vinyl bag featuring Hatsune Miku. Wandering around the dealers room a couple of times, I kept coming back to this bag and I knew I had to have it. I loved the illustration on the front and it was a great size! As you can see I've got a cross stitch pattern in the bag along with DMC threads and a 8 inch embroidery hoop inside. I love cute bags for holding projects in!

As the year comes to a close, we won't have any conventions to go to, but hopefully we can go to a few next year.

Until next time ^____^

November Skoshbox

Hi, everyone! I received my Skoshbox for November earlier in the month and decided to sample it sooner than later as my coworkers and I have just finished an extensive project that we have been working on for six months.......I thought we deserved a fun break and what better way to celebrate than a skoshbox of mystery goodies!

Favorites (in order):
1. Anapanman Caramel Corn (caramel puffed corn snack): These caramel corn snacks have a similar taste to cheese puffs, but with a slight caramel flavor. They are quite good. I am glad they came in a small bag because I can see myself eating entire bags of them!

2. Peach Gummies: Our local Asian markets sell this flavor of gummies. They are yummy!

3. Bourbon Elise Wafer Sticks (Hokkaido milk cream wafer): The flavor in these sticks remind me of the milk candies that you can find at almost any Asian market, but it was a sweeter flavor.

4. Sequoia Wafer Bar (strawberry flavor): Does Kit Kat have a strawberry flavor? If not, these are the perfect treat if you love Kit Kats and want a strawberry substitute ^__^

5. Bisco Matcha Sandwich (wheat cracker with green tea cream): This is so different from the other types of matcha cookies I've tried because they are made with wheat crackers. I love that the green tea is the cream version which balances out the wheat flavor.

Questionable (in order):
1. Furuta Flaky Cream Pie (whipped cream pie snack): Hmm......well, I will say they are flaky snacks because when I tried to break it apart to share with my coworkers, it literally fell apart. The flavor is coconut, which normally I love, but it was an odd combination for this snack.

2. Potapota Yaki Senbei (shoyu rice crackers): These are similar to the rice crackers you see at the supermarket in the Asian section, but they are flavored with soy sauce. Not bad, but not my favorite. But I figure if you love soy sauce, you'll love these.

Dislikes (in order):
1.Vitamin C Lemon candy: Hmm........I'm sure if I would advertise this as 'candy' because they smell and taste just like the vitamin C drops you get at the pharmacy if you are trying to get rid of a cold.

2. One Piece chewing gum: This gum really isn't a 'dislike', but it isn't a favorite or questionable......just plain gum.....sadly I didn't get a lucky sticker.

I wonder what treats we'll experience in December?! Mint flavored snacks? Limited edition Kit Kats or Pocky? Hmmm......anticipation is killer!

Until next time ^____^

Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

I finished stitching November's OUAT block tonight. My favorite motif is the pumpkin pie and cake stand!

October Skoskbox

Hi, everyone! I saved my October skoshbox last month until Halloween so my coworkers and I would have something fun to munch on instead of candy.

Favorites: (in order)
1. Black Thunder Bar: I was so excited that this chocolate bar was in the skoshbox last month. It reminds me of the Krackle bars, but without a sweet chocolate taste. The chocolate was more like those used in Snicker's.

2. Brown Sugar and Milk Senbei: The skoskbox card didn't lie on the description of this cracker. It does taste like caramel popcorn, but without the extreme sweetness. It is a sweet and salty snack! Definitely worth picking up if you see them at your local Asian market.

3. Chibimaruko Marshmallow: How can you go wrong with strawberry filled marshmallows? You can't. I've had these marshmallows before and quite enjoy them. During my last visit to CA I picked some up at a Japanese market in Japantown in Los Angeles.

4. Lychee Gummies: One of my favorite gummy flavors next to strawberry. A friend introduced me to these gummies during a trip to Baton Rouge to see Howl's Moving Castle when it came out in the U.S.

Questionable: (in order)
1. Happy Turn Senbei: These crackers remind me of the ones you find in the Asian snack mix you get at the store, but without the taste of all the other crackers in the mix. If you like those snack mixes, you'll like these crackers.

2. AWA Soda Tab Candy: I really can't describe the taste of this candy. Maybe sugar that fizzes? It was interesting to try, but I wouldn't repeat the experience.

3. Pikachu Grape Gum: Now I know some of you are wondering why this isn't in the 'dislike' category considering the fact that it is grape flavored. Amazingly the taste was extremely light, which reminded me of green grapes. I would recommend this gum for anyone who doesn't like grape flavors since it is a light flavor.

4. Summer Kinako Choco: I thought that I would love this candy because of the other flavors I have tried, but I'm on the fence about this one. The flavor reminds me of the peanut coating on mochi. Not good, but not bad.....

1. Pokemon Monsterball Candy: Out of the potential flavors ~ grape, cola, and spicy cola ~ what do I get?......yucky grape. (O_o)

I wonder what goodies will arrive in the November skoskbox?!

Until next time >___<

October Recap


1. Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
2. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
3. Jewelry in the Age of Queen Victoria
4. Katana by Cole Gibson
5. Gris Grimly's Frankenstein
6. A Bride's Story volume 4 by Kaoru Mori
7. A Bride's Story volume 5 by Kaoru Mori
8. A Study in Darkness by Emma Jane Holloway
9. The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa
10. Itazura Na Kiss volume 2 by Kaoru Tada

1. OUAT October block and pattern border

1. Barnabas amigurumi
2. Mt. Fuji amigurumi
3. Glitter resin box

Halloween Fun

I hope you guys and girls had a great Halloween on Friday.