Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dracula Ballet

Last Sunday, Kristina and I went downtown to see the Dracula ballet performed by the Mobile Ballet company. It featured Raul Peinado as Count Dracula, Lauren Woods as Lucy, Noel Hanley as Mina, and William Blanken as Jonathan.

The ballet is an original ballet choreographed by Winthrop Corey. I remember seeing the ballet when it was first debuted when I was in college. I had gone to see it during its evening performance with my family. I thought it was a beautiful ballet.

Seeing it once again, the ballet did not disappoint in terms of beauty. My only complaint was that the director went with the musical score that he used during its first showing. The score included music from Interview with a Vampire and I believe the music from Legends of the Fall. While the music adds the right sort of eeriness and emotion to the dancing, I felt that after ten years since its first showing that the director had enough time to have original music composed for the ballet. Hopefully by the next time the ballet is performed again, the music will have been updated.

The ending of the ballet tested my fortitude as I desperately wanted to laugh at Dracula's death scene. It took quite a while and all I could think of while it was going on was a line from the Colonial Radio Theatre's audio drama Jarrem Lee Ghost Hunter's The Whitechapel Vampire......'The memory of Vadevah is LONG!" (I apologize if the spelling of the vampire's name is wrong.....I couldn't find it anywhere on the net.)

The next ballet in the 2014-2015 season is the Nutcracker and Cinderella. I am really excited to see the Cinderella performance. I can't wait to see if they use the original choreography by Zakharov or if the director decides to use a different version of the ballet.

I wonder if I can persuade Bonnie to come along with us to see the Cinderella ballet?! Her photography skills are little camera just can't keep up.

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