Sunday, November 16, 2014

1940s Baking - Corn Meal Cookies

Good morning! I hope you are enjoying a nice Sunday. We are enjoying some warmer weather in the 70s after a few days of 30s-40s. I wish it would last, but we are due for more cold weather this week.

I had bought a cookbook from the Book Nook several years ago for my sister. It was a 1948 copy of Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook. Looking through it a couple of weekends ago, I found a cookie recipe that I wanted to try my hand at.

On Tuesday, I got up early and baked a batch of corn meal cookies, they came out crunchy and a little burnt on the bottom. I took them to work the next day and everyone seemed to like them despite the faults. One of coworkers said that they were great, but dangerous as the flavor isn't overly sweet, which makes you think you can eat more of them.

This morning I decided I would try the recipe again and lower the temperature from 400 to 350 instead of 375 like I had tried the first time. I also switched out my dark cookie pans for lighter air bake pans. Both my sister and aunt suggested those changes when I told them about attempting the recipe again. I only thought of changing the temperature, I had completely forgot about our old air bake pans.

Viola! yummy soft cookies. I switched the baking time between 10 minutes and 12 minutes. Baking them for 10 minutes makes the cookie crisp around the edges with a soft center and baking them for 12 minutes gives the cookie a darker color and a crispy texture throughout the entire cookie.

This recipe is definitely a keeper. I love the fact that with just raisins, lemon extract, nutmeg, and corn meal, you have a wonderful cookie. Perfect for when you want something sweet, but not too sweet.

I think I'll look through the cookbook again and see what other recipes I want to try in the future.

Until next time ^____^

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  1. These were very good. There is so much you can add to this dough. Who would of thought about cornmeal for a cookie.