Monday, November 3, 2014

October Skoskbox

Hi, everyone! I saved my October skoshbox last month until Halloween so my coworkers and I would have something fun to munch on instead of candy.

Favorites: (in order)
1. Black Thunder Bar: I was so excited that this chocolate bar was in the skoshbox last month. It reminds me of the Krackle bars, but without a sweet chocolate taste. The chocolate was more like those used in Snicker's.

2. Brown Sugar and Milk Senbei: The skoskbox card didn't lie on the description of this cracker. It does taste like caramel popcorn, but without the extreme sweetness. It is a sweet and salty snack! Definitely worth picking up if you see them at your local Asian market.

3. Chibimaruko Marshmallow: How can you go wrong with strawberry filled marshmallows? You can't. I've had these marshmallows before and quite enjoy them. During my last visit to CA I picked some up at a Japanese market in Japantown in Los Angeles.

4. Lychee Gummies: One of my favorite gummy flavors next to strawberry. A friend introduced me to these gummies during a trip to Baton Rouge to see Howl's Moving Castle when it came out in the U.S.

Questionable: (in order)
1. Happy Turn Senbei: These crackers remind me of the ones you find in the Asian snack mix you get at the store, but without the taste of all the other crackers in the mix. If you like those snack mixes, you'll like these crackers.

2. AWA Soda Tab Candy: I really can't describe the taste of this candy. Maybe sugar that fizzes? It was interesting to try, but I wouldn't repeat the experience.

3. Pikachu Grape Gum: Now I know some of you are wondering why this isn't in the 'dislike' category considering the fact that it is grape flavored. Amazingly the taste was extremely light, which reminded me of green grapes. I would recommend this gum for anyone who doesn't like grape flavors since it is a light flavor.

4. Summer Kinako Choco: I thought that I would love this candy because of the other flavors I have tried, but I'm on the fence about this one. The flavor reminds me of the peanut coating on mochi. Not good, but not bad.....

1. Pokemon Monsterball Candy: Out of the potential flavors ~ grape, cola, and spicy cola ~ what do I get?......yucky grape. (O_o)

I wonder what goodies will arrive in the November skoskbox?!

Until next time >___<

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  1. I love the strawberry and leeche gummies....those are easy to find in my local Chinese grocery store. :) I'll have to make sure to send you more . :)