Sunday, March 23, 2014

Resin Coaster Mishap

If you have followed my blog, you know that I am a huge fan of EYK (Eat Your Kimchi). They are planning a US tour this summer. With that said, the organizers of the US Nasties have broken up the US into various regions. Alabama is part of the blue region. The organizers of the blue region have decided to send a package to the EYK studios in South Korea that can include food, letters, artworks, etc. I decided to make two coasters for Martina and Simon.

Martina loves Loki so I thought I'd make a Loki coaster for her. I had put down a layer of resin yesterday morning and after waiting for it to get tacky, I added a Loki chibi sticker. Sadly, despite the fact that I used Mod Podge on the front and back of the sticker, it still bled in the resin!!!

Grrr..........I was hoping to go with plan B this morning and mix another batch of resin and add different stickers, but it is raining today. (Sigh) Which means no resin making today as the humidity won't allow it to dry properly. I'm hoping tomorrow will be clear so I can work on another resin batch after work.

Oddly enough, Simon's Thor coaster doesn't seem to have any issues. But I'll have to wait to add the second layer of more stickers and glitter until the rain clears.

Until next time ^____^

Artwalk Thank You

Kristina and I want to thank everyone who came out to Artwalk last Friday to chit chat or purchase something from us.

Hats off go to our fellow anime geeks who bought from us! I had let Amanda know that her onigiri couple had sold and she was ecstatic that they were able to share a home together :)

As always, if you guys saw something you were thinking of purchasing, but didn't, please check my Etsy shop. If you don't see it listed, please convo me and I'll add it the listings.

See you guys next time ^___^

Spring Flowers

 Red Azaleas

 White Azaleas

 Pink Azaleas

 Blueberry Blossoms

Pear Blossoms

Spring is in the air! So many things have started to blossom. After working in the yard yesterday I went around and took some pictures of all the flowers that are blossoming. With our abnormal cold weather earlier this year we are hoping that it will help produce some yummy pears and blueberries!

Chinese New Year package!

I received a Chinese New Year/Valentine's/Easter package from Amanda in the mail last Saturday. So many goodies! She sent me some crafting papers and ribbons, Chinese New Year good luck charms for the year of the dog (that's me) along with some for my sister who is the year of the rat. She also sent me a ceramic full of tea, some strawberry gummies, matcha Pocky, pearl sago, and some chocolate in a rabbit container.

She also gave me a Starbucks card for the Year of the Horse. When I tried to find one for her package, I couldn't find it. Apparently they were only sold in the official stores because my local Target Starbucks didn't have it in stock.

By the way, I ended up eating all the Pocky. I had taken it to work, my coworkers tried it, but didn't say yea or nay so I took it for myself. Mwahahahaha!

Thank you, darling, for a super package!

Until next time ^____^

Kawaii Monster Amigurumi

Pattern: Cat Pillow by Lionbrand
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Paints in rainbow brite color
Hook: Size H
Notions: 10mm safety eyes and white felt
Start/Finish: 3/16/2014

I was searching for a good pattern to try out on a variegated yarn that I had purchased. I ran across a pillow animal pattern that I thought would work well. By the time I finished stitching the body and attaching the safety eyes, I knew this pattern was destine for something else, a kawaii monster!

I hope to put this little monster up in my shop soon.

Until next time ^___^

Fairhope Arts and Crafts

My mom and I went to Fairhope last Saturday for their annual arts and crafts fair. Unfortunately it rained for a good portion of the time so we didn't see as much as we would have liked. We spent most of our time in shops trying to stay out of the rain since our umbrellas weren't much help with the downpour.

On our way out of the fair, I noticed this lovely steampunk booth full of altered clocks and sculptures! I love how they covered the banner with their name/state with a 'steampunk' sign. I wish I could have afforded something in this booth, everything was marvelous!

Until next time ^___^

Once Upon A Time Sampler - March block

Still love stitching on this design. My favorite element of this month's block was a cute little wolf. He doesn't seem very fearsome!

Until next time ^____^

Bring Your Ami To Work Friday - Part 8

Suppie is having a meeting with Sir Maxwell and Violet about our upcoming move to a new office space. Suppie looks to be in his element, all official and whatnot. As long as no one gives him sweets, he'll be just fine.

Next month, we should be in a new office space. Let's see what my amigurumi friends make of that!

Until next time ^___^

Dirigible Flying 101

Pattern: Dirigible by NeedleNoodles
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft blue mint, chocolate, and lemon
Hook: Size H
Finish: 3/11/2014

While looking through NeedleNoodles website after finding her amigurumi hair tutorial, I saw that she had a pattern that I needed to make, a dirigible. Being a steampunk lover, the pattern was perfect. It also helped that it put me in mind of Gail Carriger's Soulless series. I had stitched this up last month, but didn't put all the details together until this month.

I showed my picture to Amanda and she insisted that I share it on facebook on Gail Carriger's book club page. I'm tempted to make another one with Lord Akeldama in mind!

Until next time ^____^

Amigurumi Dolls - Kiki and Sakura

Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft red, white, off white, plum perfect, and chocolate
Hook Size: H
Notions: 6mm safety eyes and light pink felt
Finished: 3/4/2014

Cardcaptor Sakura
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft strawberry, white, off white, lemon, and chocolate
Hook: Size H
Notions: 6mm safety eyes, light/dark pink and white felt, and white and red ribbon
Finished: 3/13/2014

I finished up a couple of amigurumi dolls this month for Artwalk. I had stitched them up last month, but hadn't added all the details and hair.

I think my favorite doll is the Kiki's Delivery Service doll. I used a method for making her hair that I found online courtesy of NeedleNoodles. She is a fabulous amigurumi artist. I'm grateful that she shared her hair tutorial with everyone. I'd seen other tutorials online, but I found that NeedleNoodles' tutorial is the best one by far. It makes my doll's hair so much more fuller and natural.

Until next time ^____^

Shop Review - Crafter's Delights

I purchased a silicone mold from yet another shop online. One of the deciding factors of my purchasing the mold was the variety of shapes included in the mold. I've already made a few pieces from this mold and I love the ease of de-molding and the thickness of the resin pieces. The depth of the mold is perfect, not to thin or thick.

I received a little package of hichews as a freebie! Yum! I would definitely order from this shop again!

Until next time ^____^

Mardi Gras 2014

My friends and I were able to get to two parades this year. Earlier in the schedule, we went to the LaShe's parade since our friend knew someone in the parade. And later that week we went to the parade on Joe Cain day. Which was quite funny, we decided to stand at Govt/Broad and we missed the entire parade. Apparently if we had walked up a few more blocks we would have been in the right area for the actual parade!

One of my coworkers brought in the elusive salted caramel moonpies since he bought them to throw in the Joe Cain parade.

Perhaps next year, we'll actually get to see the Joe Cain parade!

Until next time ^____^

Monday, March 3, 2014

Once Upon A Time

Pattern: Once Upon a Time by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Fabric: 28ct Jobelan lambswool Wichelt
Threads: recommended DMC
Start: February 17, 2014

I had been tempted for a while by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's OUAT monthly sampler since they dropped hints of it late last year. I finally purchased it earlier in February and have been in love with the designs so far.

The only drawback? Not being able to stitch on the recommended fabric! should go check out their website! They are stitching the design on a gorgeous hand-dyed and glittery linen fabric from Picture This Plus. I wish I had the patience to buy the fabric, but I decided I had to start stitching on this pattern so went and bought fabric from my local HB.

The fabric issue aside, I'm definitely loving this pattern and can't wait for each month's installment.

Until next time ^____^

February Recap


1. Limitations by R.M. Musgrove
2. Heartland Courtship by Lyn Cote
3. The Wyoming Heir by Naomi Rawlings
4. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

1. Once Upon A Time February block by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery'

1. Cardcaptor Sakura amigurumi
2. Kiki's Delivery Service doll amigurumi (sans hair)
3. Sailor Jupiter amigurumi (sans hair)
4. Resin charms for shop

Until next time ^____^