Sunday, November 29, 2015

Terry's Orange Chocolate Cookies

Good evening! One of the goodies that I look forward to in the holiday season is Terry's orange chocolate balls. I first tried them when I was in England and have been hooked ever since. I am grateful that my local Target sells them.

While enjoying some orange chocolate last weekend, I decided to see what sorts of recipes you could make with the chocolate and someone had a recipe for orange chocolate cookies.

This morning with the aid of my trusty bunny timer, I made several batches of orange chocolate cookies. I used the standard Toll House recipe, but used the orange chocolate instead of the chocolate chip morsels.

They were received with mixed reviews. My mom and I love them because we like orange chocolate. My sister said they were good, but she was hoping for normal chocolate chip cookies. She's never been a fan of odd chocolate flavors, she's more of a caramel and chocolate person.

So if you love orange chocolate, you'll love using them as a substitute for morsels in your usual chocolate chip cookie recipe. I bought two balls of the chocolate, roughly chopped them up, and added it to the recipe.

If you make this recipe, let me know what you think of it!!

Until next time >___<