Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bunny Sundae Amigurumi

My start and finish this weekend, a cute bunny Neapolitan amigurumi sundae.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft chocolate, dark chocolate, off white, red, soft pink, and white
Hook: size H 
Notions: 6mm safety eyes, dark pink felt, and pink beagle beads
Start/Finish: 6/27-28/2015

I finally got around to starting another sundae amigurumi. I was thinking either kitties or bunnies and obviously my love of bunnies overruled the kitties.

My project this week is to finish the Kiki doll amigurumi that I had made earlier this month. She is lacking hair so I will have to make some, which is always a daunting task because it takes a while.

After that, I think my last amigurumi before Mechacon will be another kitsune. The one I had in my shop sold this month so I need to make a new one.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th Of July weekend!!

Until next time > ____<

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Getting Ready for Mechacon 2015 Artist Alley

My friend Kristina and I will attending Mechacon in New Orleans this year in the Artist's Alley. I have been stitching up various amigurumis and finishing up others.

While trying to figure out a cute way to display my resin charms and pins and polymer clay earrings, I found a lovely Sizzix set at HB in the clearance section. The diecut was perfect for making these jewelry cards.

Hopefully Kristina and I can find some time before July to work out a table layout for the convention that will maximize our space and give us a cute display. We shall see.....

I have a feeling that we won't be going outside the hotel unless under duress as New Orleans in the summer is disgusting........humid and extremely hot. 

Until next time ^____^

Yokai Watch Amigurumi

It's been a slow month for crafting since I've been reading more than crafting, but I have been able to finish an amigurumi this month, Jibanyan from Yokai Watch.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Harvest red and white
Hook: size H
Notions: 15mm animal safety eyes, blue, white, and yellow felt and pink and black DMC thread and pipe cleaners
Finish: 6/21/2015

I think he came out great considering my skills at embroidering on felt aren't the best. I hope to make more amigurumis from this anime if I get the chance.

Until next time ^___^

Panda Birthday Package

I received my birthday package from Amanda the same day I got May's Kawaii Box, which meant alot of fun packages to go through!!!

I always like the way that Amanda packages items. She used a cute bunny mug to hold the smaller items and wrapped it up in tissue paper. For the other items she used a large photo box with Big Ben on the cover! And as always, she included an adorable handmade card for my birthday! Also pictured is a bunny cool wrap. You freeze the cold pack and insert it into the bunny and wrap it around your neck, etc. How cute is that?!?!?

These were the items included in the bunny mug: a set of bunny sticky tabs, a really awesome steampunk Mickey Mouse pin (the gear ears MOVE!!! O-O"), a small pack of pineapple gummies, a pack of birthday cake flavored gum (cute!), and a bunny key topper.

In the Big Ben box was an assortment of cute things and Pocky! She sent me packs of matcha flavored Pocky, a bunny egg mold for hard boiled eggs, and a metal mold to shape rice, etc. into a bunny shape. Lots of paper goodies: a pack of bunny gift boxes, a sticky mental note set, flower shaped post-its, and two beautiful washi tapes.

I actually have a set of those flower shape post-its. I use them when I am crocheting to take notes or keep track of my rounds. I'm glad to have some more to use as I'm running out of the ones I have now O_o"

In the small box on the right, she sent two mini Yankee candles, jelly bean and bunny cake. I think my fave is the bunny cake. I love candles that smell of sweet bake goods.

The last items included was a copy of the second volume of the manga Soulless and a copy of Cinder on audiobook. I thought perhaps Amanda had forgotten that I already had a copy, but it was a SIGNED edition. *squeal of bibliophile madness* I haven't read Cinder yet so I'm glad to have it on audiobook. I think I'll bring it with me to work to listen to while I do mindless work like Photoshop.

Thank you for the extremely cute birthday package!

Until next time ^____^

May Kawaii Box

May's Kawaii Box came the day after my birthday, which was amusing. I've noticed that it takes about three-four weeks for my Kawaii Box to come in the mail so by the time I get it, it's the next month.

May's selection of goodies was adorable!!!

It came with some fun stationery goodies: a Okitoki notebook set, cute alpaca stickers, a mini Rilakkuma letter set, a panda pen, and an alpaca eraser.

There were several cell phone charms/straps: a yummy looking Hello Kitty squishy doughnut, a Harajuku crepe, and a plush banana.

Accessories included were a neon bow hair band, which I don't think I can use because my hair is so thick and a comb and mirror set that folds into a chocolate bar case......I might have to include it as a giveaway prize in the future because yet again, my curly hair will not be tamed by a little comb.

The last accessory is my favorite: a pink and blue alpaca card holder. Sigh......makes me wish I was still in the UK. I would use it as a Travelcard holder. Sadly, I have no use for it here in Alabama.

The food item in the box was Meiji Petit Gum.

I can't wait for June's box......LOL which won't come until July. You gotta love free overseas shipping.

Until next time ^_____^

June Skoshbox

Good afternoon, everyone. It's a typical southern summer day, i.e. 50% chance of rain so I thought I'd take the time to blog and enjoy the sound of rain on the patio. I've never ever liked summers because of the humidity in the south, but the rain is fantastic, especially when you are at home to enjoy it.

1. Cheese Umaibo Stick: Oh, my. It's like a giant Golden Flake cheese puff. If I ever find these in an Asian market, I will buy all of them! They are that good.

2. Sylvene Mini Cake Slice: I got the red version in the Skoshbox which is cocoa flavored. It is literally a tiny slice of chocolate cake. So good. I hope they have these in a future Skoshbox so I can try the vanilla flavor.

3. Honey Nut Pretz Sticks: Is Pretz the cousin to Pocky? I have no idea, but I would imagine they are since they come from the same company. It is almond flavored biscuits topped with sugar. They sort of remind you of honey nut Cheerios. I like that they aren't too sweet.

4. Rubella Cigar Cookies: This is a buttery cookie that is rolled into a cigar shape. It is light and crisp. Sweet, but not too sweet.

5. Home Pie Cookie: Yet another cookie type from Home Pie, but it tastes like all the other ones I've had in the Skoshboxes so far despite the claim that it is a different flavor?!?!

6. Anpanman Soft Senbei: a sweet shoyu rice cracker. I've realized that I like the sweet shoyu crackers compared to the regular soy sauce crackers.

1. Super Energy Candy: this is supposed to be a energy drink candy. I tried it and promptly got rid of it. It was extremely sour. Does sour equal energy?!?!? Hmm....... Well, at least it didn't taste like Red Bull, which to me is a big bottle of nasty cough syrup.

2. Supermario Gum: It's just gum, but what's with the cards in the pack?! Apparently you are supposed to play a matching game with the cards, but I can't read it's completely lost on me.

Until next time ^_____^

Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Recap


1. The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence by Stan Lee
2. Thursdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George
3. The Gardener of Versailles by Alain Baraton
4. The Flower of Empire by Tatiana Holway
5. Explorers of the Nile by Tim Jeal
6. A Royal Passion - Queen Victoria and Photography by Anne Lyden
7. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
8. Censoring Queen Victoria by Yvonne M. Ward

1. Twilight Sparkle MLP amigurumi
2. Rainbow Dash MLP amigurumi
3. Derpy MLP amigurumi
4. Fluttershy MLP amigurumi

May Skoshbox

Hi, everyone! It's Skoshbox time!!

1. Tirol Variety Choco: Out of the six flavors, I got the almond choco and milk choco flavors. The almond choco was nice. It is a sweet chocolate with an almond inside. The milk choco reminded me of German Kinder chocolate, but not as sweet as Kinder chocolate.
2. DIY choco-banana kit: see comments below.
3. Doraemon Bubblegum: This was soda flavored. I'm convinced that 'soda-flavored' in Japan always means ramune soda flavor. Not that I'm complaining, I love ramune.

1. Sumi Yaki coffee candy: I didn't try these; I immediately handed them over to a coworker.
2. Nagisa Arare rice crackers: shoyu (soy sauce) flavored crackers. Not a favorite. Some of the shoyu crackers are good, but the taste of shoyu in these crackers was too intense.
3. Mont Blanch Oreo Cake: Now I know what you're thinking. This has to be good because it's made by Oreo. You'd be wrong. This chestnut cream cake tasted like soap. I thought it might have just been my tastebuds, but I let my sister try it as well and she said the same thing.

1. Anpanman corn rings: There is no taste to these corn rings. None whatsoever. I would almost say these corn rings would  be great for toddlers as it's so bland.

The DIY banana-choco kit was fun. I loved the taste of the 'bananas'. They are actually similar in texture to circus peanut candies, but firmer. The chocolate sauce tastes like chocolate frosting and of course, the sprinkles are just sprinkles. I would definitely recommend this kit. It's yummy and fun.

Until next time ^___^

Saturday, May 9, 2015

April Kawaii Box Review

Good afternoon, everyone. I subscribed to Kawaii Box last month and finally got April's box in the mail today.

Here are the items from last month's box:

1) Puffy bunny stickers
2) Cell phone pastel dot stickers
3) Collon green tea biscuit puffs
4) Kitty plushie keychain
5) Alpaca pencil bag
6) Korean glitter set
7) Rilakkuma notepad
8) Kitty paw biscuit squishy cell phone charm
9) Macaron shaped container
10) Bow head clip

I love the bunny puffy stickers and Korean glitter; both of which I hope to use in some resin work later this month.

*squeal* the alpaca pencil bag is adorable. I will definitely be using it to store either DMC threads/needles/scissors or my crochet hook/stitch makers for future projects. I love using different pencil bags to keep my projects separate.

For the Rilakkuma notepad, I am planning on using it for crochet notes when I am making any new patterns.

The macaron shaped container will be perfect for packing small items for traveling.

While I love the cuteness of the kitty plushie, the kitty paw cell phone charm, and the bow head clip, I think I will hold onto them to give away in the future either as a freebie when ordering in our Etsy shop or as part of a giveaway later on.

My only complaint for this box was the glitter. It got everywhere! Perhaps in the future, if glitter is involved, Kawaii Box will package it in a plastic bag just to be on the safe side :)

I think for the amount of items you receive in the Kawaii Box, it is well worth $18.50 a month. The price includes shipping from Singapore. The Kawaii Box company is located in the US and other countries, but the products come through Singapore.

So if you are looking for adorable surprises from Japan and South Korea, Kawaii Box is worth a look into. It is also would be a lovely gift for anyone who loves cute things.

Until next time ^____^

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cherryblossomcute Etsy Special - Paper Clip Charms - Updated*

*Update - we will be offering these paper clips as a freebie when you purchase $20+ from our shop throughout the month of May!

In celebration of Mother's Day next week, Amanda has made some beautiful paper clips that have been embellished with flowers and bows. When you order any item or items totalling $20.00, you will receive one of paper clips pictured above as a freebie.

Each paper clip comes with an adorable eraser. I'm sure you can guess which one is my fave!

These paper clips are perfect for planners and organizers or as bookmarks.

If you plan on ordering something for Mother's Day, please place your order by Wednesday May 6th as packages are sent by USPS First Class mail in my shop. It usually takes packages between 2-4 days to reach their destinations in the US using first class mail.

Thanks as always for your patronage.