Sunday, June 28, 2009

Master Paintings Week!

Oh, how I wish I was still in England right now! I would love to be in London on the week of the 4th for the Master Paintings Week!

If you're in London that week, don't miss such an amazing opportunity to see paintings by Old Masters and others. I would love to see the Lucas Cranach the Elder at P&D Colnaghi & Co Ltd! In undergrad, I got an opportunity to write a research paper on Cranach. I'm glad that one of his paintings will be featured during Master Paintings Week!

Until next time ^___^

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Book treasures ^___^

Today I had a great many errands to run: mostly involving the post office and putting some things away in storage.

I had mailed out some fun things to a Canadian friend of mine from Royal Holloway. She decided to continue on to her PhD after her MA studies. She is far away in New Zealand finishing up a degree in Classics ;) I thought she might like some fun goodies to brighter up her day.

Since she was the person who got me interested in cross stitch while I was in England, I decided to get her a few embroidery kits along with some chocolate & peanut butter candy. When we were in England, we used to joke about the peanut butter there. It just wasn't the same as American peanut butter.

I also mailed out a package to my friend in CA. The Amitie pinkeep, pink biscornu, and pink floss tag with initials that I had stitched up earlier this year went out to my dear friend ;) Along with some romance novels, Twilight sweetheart candy, and a very long letter. I forgot to take a photo of the box I put everything in O_o" It was pretty....another find at Hobby Lobby for 50% off ;)

While I was out, I drove to The Book Nook in town. I found some amazing books!

Isn't the frontispiece beautiful?

Title: Cranford
Author: Mrs. Gaskell
Publisher: New York, Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.
Date: 1892

Close-up of frontispiece!

I found another one of my favorite author's books there as well....can you guess who?!?! ^___^ Why Anthony Hope of course!

Publisher: George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd.
Date: 1925

The Harrap company published ten pocket editions of Anthony Hope's titles.I wonder if I can find the other titles somewhere?!?!

The neatest collection I came across at The Book Nook were these books published by Little Leather Library in New York around 1916. This set of 28 volumes was $20. A steal for such an unusual set of books.

Titles in the set:

Fifty Best Poems of America
Fifty Best Poems of England

Poems and Plays by Robert Browning
The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Other Poems by Samuel Coleridge
Short Stories by Guy de Maupassant
Sherlock Holmes, A Case of Identity and Scandal in Bohemia by Arthur Conan Doyle
Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam by Fitzgerald - trans.
Bab Ballads by W. S. Gilbert
Man Without a Country by Edward Hale
Barrack Room Ballads by Rudyard Kipling
Speeches and Addresses by Abraham Lincoln
The Courtship of Miles Standish by Henry Longfellow
Lays of Ancient Rome by Thomas Macaulay
The Gold Bug by Edgar Allan Poe
Olive Dreams by Schreiber
Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
The Tempest by William Shakespeare
A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
Will O' the Mill and Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson
Enoch Arden by Alfred Tennyson
The Coming of Arthur by Alfred Tennyson
Friendship and Other Essays by Henry Thoreau
Speeches and Letters by George Washington
Salome by Oscar Wilde
The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

Apparently, there were about a 100 titles available through Little Leather Library. I have a set of the Type II titles which have leather suede covers. Very neat! I've seen these every once in a while at antique shows.

I think my sister (a politics geek) will get a kick out of the Speeches & Letters volumes by Lincoln and Washington.

Until next time!! Happy book hunting to all my fellow lovers of musty old books ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wishing for Fall

Evident by the finish below, I'm in the mood for cooler weather, crunchy leaves under my feet, school supplies, and Halloween ;) Today, we reached 100 degrees with our heat index at 110. Yuck!

Design: Autumn Harvest by JBW Designs
Threads: Variegated DMC 90, 51, 4124 and The Gentle Art 'Harvest Moon'
Fabric: 25 ct Lugana Antique White
Finished: 6/18, 6/20-22/2009

LOL It doesn't help that our local craft stores have Fall merchandise out already. (sigh) Teasing us with expectations of cooler weather and all that comes with it.

Until next time!

Happy Summer Solstice!

Bluebells at Royal Holloway, Egham, Surrey, England

A late post for the summer solstice! I hope everyone had a great Solstice yesterday, which actually coincided with Father's Day this year as well.

The heat has been unbearable for the last week or two with the heat index reaching 108 degrees. Very odd weather for June, usually it waits to knock us senseless with the heat until mid-July and into August.

LOL Definitely makes me wish for that field of bluebells and the cool afternoons in Egham right now!

Until next time!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Just a few pics of the produce from our garden!

Cucumbers and squash!

Tomatoes! Great for salads and my all-time favorite sandwich combo: tomato, cheese and mayo!

Until next time!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pinkeep and tin ;)

I got the chance to go by Hobby Lobby and pick up some supplies for my Amitie Bleu pinkeep finish yesterday and I put it together this morning! Sadly, it is a bit open on the right side O_o" I should have moved it over a tad to completely center it. Well, it isn't bad for my first large pinkeep.

Design: Amitie - Bleu freebie by Windy Willows
Threads: DMC
Fabric: 32 ct Cashel antique white Zweigart
Finished: As a pinkeep, 6/7/09

Fabric for back of pinkeep ;)

I also took out a small design that I had stitched up last year and completely forgot about!! I bought the kit at Hobby Lobby in their clearance section.

Design: Busy Bee - Needle Keep by Lorri Birmingham Designs
Threads: DMC
Fabric: 14 ct Aida
Finished: As a tin, 6/7/09

The kit came with all the notions to finish the project; I just never got around to it. There was thread to make some cording for the edges of tin, but I couldn't figure out how to make cording to save my life so I got some burgundy braid out of my stash and used that ;)

In other news, I have been working on my Saisons sampler, but I don't want to bore you with photos of it all the time!

I almost forgot! I have an amusing story to tell you. I had forgot to get a glue gun at Hobby Lobby and while I was at Target I decided to ask one of the sales attendants if they had one! Never ask a man for a glue gun!! He said they sold them and lead me to the tool section and showed me a Stanley glue gun?!?!?!? I didn't heart to tell the man that wasn't what I was looking for. I wonder if he had ever since a craft glue gun in his life?! Well, at least that experience made me laugh for the rest of the day when I thought about it :)

Until next time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A small finish ;)

Hi, everyone! I finished up a small design tonight.

Design: Amitie - Bleu by Windy Willows
Threads: DMC
Fabric: 32 ct Cashel antique white Zweigart
Finished: Not sure of time frame, possibly a week total O_o"

I am hoping to finish this design as a pinkeep over the weekend. I need to go by Hobby Lobby to get some supplies for the finish ;)

Until next time!