Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kitty Tamagoyaki Amigurumi

This is my small finish this morning before work.

Pattern: Sushi base from Yummi 'Gurumi with the rest stitched without a pattern
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft black, sunshine, and white
Hook: size G
Notions: 6mm safety eyes and DMC 310 
Start/Finish: 12/22-23/2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Black and White Peppermint Brownies

I made these brownies this morning and let them cool before having my sister drizzle the top with melted white chocolate. My sister got a little too enthusiastic about pouring the M&Ms on top of the melted chocolate so it made cutting the brownies a challenge as I had M&Ms popping up everywhere. I was hoping to arrange them nicely on the brownies, but my sister took the bag away from me and said that I just had to have fun with it?!?!?! Hmmm.......crazy baker alert!

The recipe is from a recipe card from Target in their Christmas candy aisle this year. I used Betty Crocker's Supreme brownie mix and sugar cookie mix to make the brownies. White chocolate for the drizzle and Christmas sprinkles and peppermint M&Ms for the topping.

I am the only person in my family who likes peppermint chocolate desserts. My mother only eats them every once in a while and my sister absolutely detests peppermint chocolate in any form.

So luckily for me these brownies are going to work with me tomorrow to share with any of my coworkers who are still in the office and not taking the whole week off for the holidays.

Until next time ^____^

Super Mario Bullet Bill Amigurumi

Pattern: Bullet Bill by Ah! Creations
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft black, heather gray, and white
Hook: Size G
Notions: black and white felt
Start/Finish: 12/12 & 15/2014

For one of my coworkers this year I made a bullet bill from Super Mario as a Christmas gift. I had fun stitching the design. It can easily be made in a couple of hours.

I hope he likes it!

Until next time ^___^

Anime Christmas Party

My friends and I got together on Friday night (despite the dismal rainy weather) to have our annual anime Christmas party. I thought I was going to be late after having to pick up our car from the shop, but I wasn't the only 'late' person. Nicole had to pick up her car from the shop and Bonnie didn't get out until 6pm. So we ended up chatting until everyone arrived.

We had a lot of fun exchanging gifts, sampling food, and chatting.

This year I included in everyone's package a cross stitched item and a box of candy. The celtic knot biscornu went to Candace, the Tardis biscornu to Nicole, the onigiri pincushion to Bonnie, and I framed the woodland fox design for Kristina.

Here's my loot this year.......books galore and other goodies!

From Nicole I received Wolf Children on dvd and one of the Young Sherlock Holmes novels by Andrew Lane. I have read the Wolf Children manga. I can't wait to watch the animation as the manga was wonderfully drawn and was such a beautiful story.

From Kristina I received the Amigurumi at Home book and another one of the Young Sherlock Holmes novels. The amigurumi book has some great patterns and since I have two friends with babies now, I have a chance to make some kids projects......that little tooth fairy amigurumi is perfect!

From Candace I received Clover and Drunken Dream manga collections. Since they were actually gifts from my birthday that never came in time, she also gave me a beautiful Vera Bradley bag.

From Bonnie I received the first volume of Stepping on Roses manga. She also gave each of us a little Chinese takeout box containing a tiny Christmas ornament, Christmas erasers, and stickers. I will definitely be using the stickers in future resin projects next year.

Thanks for a fantastic Christmas party and all the lovely gifts!!

Onigiri Pincushion Finish

I stitched up this little pincushion on Thursday just in time for my friends annual anime Christmas party on Friday night. I really, really wanted to make it into a pincusion wristband for my friend Bonnie, but our sewing machine is out of commission. My mother had used it to stitch some fringe to one of her weaving projects and we haven't been able to fix the tension since then....sigh....

Thankfully Bonnie still liked it and she even mentioned that it would have been cute as a pincushion wristband. LOL Great minds think alike.

Until next time ^____^

A Late Autumn Package from CA

I received a late autumn package from Amanda last weekend full of some lovely items and yummy treats!

First off, I ABSOLUTELY love the Thanksgiving card. How can you not like frolicking squirrels? She even used a 3D squirrel sticker on the back of the envelope.

She crocheted two items for me (she didn't have to!). One was a super cute amigurumi Christmas tree dressed for the winter weather with a red scarf and decked out in Christmas jingle bells and topped with a beautiful star. This is definitely going to be in my Christmas displays in our house in the years to come; it is so cute!

The second item was a complete surprise. We both usually try to include something handmade in our packages to one another if we get the chance so I wasn't expecting another handmade item! She made me a lovely gray and blue infinity scarf. It is amazingly soft. I can't wait for some truly cold weather to wear it outside. Right now, we have been having yo-yo weather lately with temperatures going up and down. Southern weather is so bizarre. It reminds me of something that Constance's husband Jim said when we were in grad school. Does the south have a winter season? Hmm.......we do, but it's unpredictable.

Also included in the package was pumpkin spice Burt's Bees lip balm! Gotta put that in my purse! And some yummy looking goodies: sweet cookies, soda candy, and chocolate biscuits. Gotta take those to work to share!

Thank you for such a lovely autumn package!!!

Until next time ^___^

JBW Snow Globe Pinkeep Finish!

Pattern: French Country Snow Globe by JBW Designs
Notions: white pearlized pins, reindeer fabric, and red braid
Finished: 12/11/2014

This was my gift to Constance this year for Christmas. I think she might have a small collection of JBW Design cross stitch finishes from me over the years/holidays. I was hoping to send her and her family a treat set from Harry and David as well, but sadly I got an email saying that the first item I ordered was out of stock and then when I chose a replacement item, it wouldn't be shipped until December 30. With all that said and done, I decided to cancel the order. It didn't help that they wanted an entire week to send me the first email to start with.....

I'm not sure if I'll even try to place an order with them next year or not. I might just do my usual package of goodies and send it to Constance and her family.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year, Constance and Jim!

Until next time ^__^

CCN Give Joy Pinkeep Finish!

Pattern: Give Joy by Country Cottage Needleworks
Notions: blue and white pearlized pins, snowflake fabric, and white braid
Finished: 12/11/2014

I finished my Give Joy design as a pinkeep and included it in my Christmas package to my friend Amanda this year. I didn't have a chance to photograph my package as I was trying to get out to the mail in time for Christmas. The package was definitely a 'panda' package as it included a lot of panda themed items and some fun things. I sent her some panda cookie cutters, panda tissues, and panda socks. And since she loves board and card games, I sent her a card game that was on her wishlist featuring some really adorable sushi. Kristina included a Michaels gift card for Amanda.

I also sent her some yummy smelling soap that I bought at the Port City Craftsmen show in November by The Hen and Her Chicks.This is the second time I have bought from Ms. Lori at the Port City show. Her soaps make great gifts for Christmas or any occasion. They smell fantastic and are so cute!

I hope you liked your Christmas gifts!

Until next time ^___^