Sunday, December 21, 2014

Anime Christmas Party

My friends and I got together on Friday night (despite the dismal rainy weather) to have our annual anime Christmas party. I thought I was going to be late after having to pick up our car from the shop, but I wasn't the only 'late' person. Nicole had to pick up her car from the shop and Bonnie didn't get out until 6pm. So we ended up chatting until everyone arrived.

We had a lot of fun exchanging gifts, sampling food, and chatting.

This year I included in everyone's package a cross stitched item and a box of candy. The celtic knot biscornu went to Candace, the Tardis biscornu to Nicole, the onigiri pincushion to Bonnie, and I framed the woodland fox design for Kristina.

Here's my loot this year.......books galore and other goodies!

From Nicole I received Wolf Children on dvd and one of the Young Sherlock Holmes novels by Andrew Lane. I have read the Wolf Children manga. I can't wait to watch the animation as the manga was wonderfully drawn and was such a beautiful story.

From Kristina I received the Amigurumi at Home book and another one of the Young Sherlock Holmes novels. The amigurumi book has some great patterns and since I have two friends with babies now, I have a chance to make some kids projects......that little tooth fairy amigurumi is perfect!

From Candace I received Clover and Drunken Dream manga collections. Since they were actually gifts from my birthday that never came in time, she also gave me a beautiful Vera Bradley bag.

From Bonnie I received the first volume of Stepping on Roses manga. She also gave each of us a little Chinese takeout box containing a tiny Christmas ornament, Christmas erasers, and stickers. I will definitely be using the stickers in future resin projects next year.

Thanks for a fantastic Christmas party and all the lovely gifts!!

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