Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Late Autumn Package from CA

I received a late autumn package from Amanda last weekend full of some lovely items and yummy treats!

First off, I ABSOLUTELY love the Thanksgiving card. How can you not like frolicking squirrels? She even used a 3D squirrel sticker on the back of the envelope.

She crocheted two items for me (she didn't have to!). One was a super cute amigurumi Christmas tree dressed for the winter weather with a red scarf and decked out in Christmas jingle bells and topped with a beautiful star. This is definitely going to be in my Christmas displays in our house in the years to come; it is so cute!

The second item was a complete surprise. We both usually try to include something handmade in our packages to one another if we get the chance so I wasn't expecting another handmade item! She made me a lovely gray and blue infinity scarf. It is amazingly soft. I can't wait for some truly cold weather to wear it outside. Right now, we have been having yo-yo weather lately with temperatures going up and down. Southern weather is so bizarre. It reminds me of something that Constance's husband Jim said when we were in grad school. Does the south have a winter season? Hmm.......we do, but it's unpredictable.

Also included in the package was pumpkin spice Burt's Bees lip balm! Gotta put that in my purse! And some yummy looking goodies: sweet cookies, soda candy, and chocolate biscuits. Gotta take those to work to share!

Thank you for such a lovely autumn package!!!

Until next time ^___^

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