Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ice Cream Lady Cross Stitch

Last weekend at Mechacon, I was chatting with one of the artists in the Artist Alley. She was selling cross stitch designs and plushies. I was telling her that since I was getting ready for Mechacon for so long, I hadn't been able to cross stitch that much and I couldn't wait to start stitching again.

I was able to start and finish this design after work this week.

Design: Ice Cream Ladies by Soda Stitch
Fabric: 28ct Jobelan Lambswool linen by Wichelt Imports
Threads: recommended DMC
Start/Finish: 7/20-26/2015

I loved stitching on this pattern. The colors are vibrant and cheerful. I think I might frame this design. I will have to keep a lookout for a cute frame at my local craft stores.

Until next time ^____^

Mechacon 2015 Review and Thank You!!

Good morning! Last weekend, my sister and I participated in the Artist Alley at Mechacon 2015 in New Orleans. We were a bit overwhelmed in the Artist Alley as it was quite crowded. Both my sister and I work in industries that do not require much public interaction so being bombarded by thousands of people was a test of our introverted nerves. I think we did well despite that :)

There were so many great cosplayers at the convention. Since we were behind our artist alley table, we weren't able to get many photos.

The My Little Pony cosplayers were amazing. There was someone dressed in a huge Pinkie Pie pony costume while the rest opted for lovely dress cosplays for their favorite characters.

One of the great things about New Orleans is the fact that they have their own lolita society. Since Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates were industry guests at this year's convention, there were a great many girls and guys dressed in lolita fashion. While I love the dresses of that brand, I love seeing people making their own lolita dresses using other fabrics. There were so many lovely dresses this year!

One of the coplayers that came past our table was this adorable young lady dressed up as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. I asked her to pose for a picture with the Kiki amigurumi that I had made. I really just wanted a photo of her with the doll because I thought it was cute, but she actually ended up buying little Kiki. I was so happy!!!

On Sunday, I was hoping to get another signature on my Fruits Basket box set. My sister had wandered up to the signing room to see if any of the actors were there and she ran back downstairs to the Artist Alley room to tell me that Mike McFarland was there. So I rushed upstairs....not that I needed to as a girl and myself were the only two people in the room getting signatures. He was nice enough to sign my box set for his character Ritsu. I hope to get more signatures as I go along.

My purchases this year were all from the Artist Alley except for a few things. I got a large Aries bag from Sorbet Jungle, a Gem bag and two cute book buttons from Natto Soup, a lovely Sailor Scouts bag from Darien Chen, a Mardi Gras lolita king cake brooch from Mintymix, a keychain and cell charm from the anime Gugure! from another table, and a fantasy novel Peace of Evon from Dorothy Tinker.

I can't wait to wear the buttons to work. The Mardi Gras king cake is perfect for next year's Mardi Gras season and the book buttons are adorable for any day.

I also bought two items that will be gifts for I can't show them until later this year :)

From the Dealers' Room, I purchased a copy of Colorworld from Rachel Kelly. Her husband was manning the table and his description of the series was so interesting that I purchased a copy of the book. I also bought a few metal bookmarks from him as well. The only other things I bought from the dealers' room were Japanese snacks from two of the vendors that I hadn't tried before.

All in all, I think we had fun at this year's Mechacon. I think we might participate next year.

Thanks to everyone who came by and supported our table. We had fun chatting with our customers!! I'm so glad that my amigurumis found new homes to live in!

Until next time ^____^