Monday, May 20, 2013

Merchandise Info

Hi! Just a quick note for all our Mobi-con customers or whose who took one of our business cards. If you saw anything that you wanted to buy at the convention, but weren't able to, please see our Etsy shop on the right sidebar.

My friend Amanda and I have a lot of our merchandise in our shop that was at the convention. If you don't see what you are looking for, please email me about it and I can add it to the shop for you to buy.

If you were interested in any of the resin pendants and bottle caps, please see my friend Kristina's blog here and email her for information! She even takes requests for personalized bottle caps/resin charms if you have an image or certain idea in mind ;)



Wow, what a weekend at Mobi-con! My friends and I had a lot of fun at our booth this year in the Artists' Alley. We did pretty well for our first year in the alley compared to the year before when we had a booth in the dealers' room.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who bought from our booth! We had a great time talking to our customers about anime, general geekiness, and K-pop. I would like to personally thank everyone who bought one of my amigurumi plushies. I am so glad that they found new homes ;)

I took a few pics of people who bought my amigurumis!

First up is Alice, a talented girl who also crochets! She was my first customer on Friday before the dealers' room even opened. She and her mom had a booth in there this year. I took a pic of her displaying my Totoro ami on her Link shield. So cute!

One of my last cutomers on Sunday afternoon. I couldn't resist asking the Joker to pose with his new octopus friend!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we had a giveaway with our origami crane cherry blossom tree. I took a picture of one of our customers, Amanda. She bought a lot of Kristina's K-pop merchandise!

She was the first person to win one of the two giveaways that we did. She was extremely excited to win and promptly picked out the panda giveaway bag because it featured pandas and black cats....two of her fave animals :)

Surprisingly, all my pictures that I took in the Artists' Alley hallway were blurry and out of focus when seen close up...........but those taken outside were completely normal. Sigh..........if I had known earlier I would have had my customers pose outside! LOL

Here are a few pics of fun cosplayers:

Sailor Mars! Since I was at our booth I had to get one of my friends to run and take a picture of her for me ;)

I love her costume! Steampunk loveliness! You see what I'm talking about with the pics taken outside.......not blurry at all!

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COSPLAYER AT THE CONVENTION! I saw this guy on Friday while I was at the booth by myself as my friends had gone off to look around the con. I immediately geeked out! Someone dressed as Barnabas Collins from the original 1960s Dark Shadows series. He came over and chatted with me for a while about Dark Shadows after I practically screamed at him when I saw his costume. He said he really wanted to go as Quentin Collins.........I really think he should do it next year. He'd have at least one person at the convention who would recognize his costume ;)

I hope my friends and I will be at Mobi-con next year. ^___^

Until next time ^__^

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mobi-Con - Are you ready?

Hi, everyone! Once again, Kristina from Stitching Otaku and I will be at Mobi-Con this year. It starts on Friday and goes through Sunday.

This year, Kristina and I will be in the Artists' Alley with our Cherry Blossom Cute table! We will have all sorts of things for sale - amigurumis, cell phone charms, jewelry, etc.

To add something fun to our table, we have decided to have two giveaways. My friend Amanda and I put together two kawaii goodie bags.

How do you participate in these awesome giveaways? It's easy! Come by our table at Mobi-Con and when you purchase something from our table, you'll get a chance to pick an origami crane from our cherry blossom tree. If it has the winning number, you'll get your choice of one of the giveaway bags!!!!

What do these fabulous bags look like?........

You know you want one of these? Come and see us this weekend!

Until next time ^_____^

Friday, May 3, 2013

A rainy iris

We have had an abundance of rain this week. Despite all the rain, my sister's iris bulbs have finally had the right combination of conditions to put off some blooms after three years!

Until next time ^____^

A Spring Panda Package!!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you are having a good day! My friend Kristina and I spent the day shopping for the upcoming anime/sci-fi/fantasy convention. By the time I got home, I had a package waiting for me.......

A spring package from Amanda in CA.....full of kawaii goodies!! For me and to grace our artists' alley table this year at Mobi-Con ;)

Everything was perfectly packaged! 

I love the giant Easter egg. It was sealed with cherry blossom deco tape and a cute bunny with rolling eyes ;)

All the goodies after unwrapping! Lots and lots of goodies from Daiso...............I want to go to this store in CA! It's kawaii PARADISE! And lots of other fun things!

Cute bunny stationery, a jewelry box kit, and Martha Stewart molds!!!

Deco tapes!!! (*drool*), origami star paper, shiny origami square paper, and some black buttons for crafting >____<

An adorable microfiber mitten with a bunny on the front and some geeky amigurumi to add to my growing collection ;)

A tart kitty!!!! So unbelievable cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As evident by the amount of exclamation points.........LOL.........

A bunny turtle!! I should have taken a closer picture of her because she has a cute 'heart' spot on her shell ;)

Goodies for Mobi-con for displaying our wares! A lovely message board with cherry blossoms on it, a kokeshi message holder, and a pink stacking tray.........underneath all that is a cute bunny bag ;)

At our artists' alley table at Mobi-con this year, we will hold two giveaways. Amanda bought some things for her giveaway and used a clear cellophane bag with purple 'grass' to hold her stuff. I loved that she put our business card for our Etsy shop in the bag too!!

In her package to me, she included some cellophane bags and the same 'grass' so I could put my items for the giveaway in them as well ;)

For the giveaway, we will have a cherry blossom display with origami cranes hanging from it. Anyone who purchases something from our table will be able to pick a crane and if they have the winning number on their crane, they get one of the big giveaways or one of our smaller objects on our table as a prize.

I asked Amanda to make a kusudama ball to display on the cherry blossom branches too! Isn't it gorgeous!? I love the detail ;) And the light pink sheer ribbon really sets it off.

Thank you darling for all the kawaii gifts!!! They made my day!!!

Until next time ^____^

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pikachu Nom Nom

Pattern: Pikachu Cupcake by Studio Ami
Yarn: I Love This Yarn black, brown, and sun yellow and Baby Bee teddy
Notions: 6mm safety eyes and black and red felt
Start/Finish: 4/28-5/1/2013

Isn't he adorable?!?! Perhaps too adorable to eat! I love this pattern by Studio Ami. Now that I think about it, it is quite a versatile pattern because by just changing yarn colors and the ears, you can make a whole army of animal cute would that be?!?!

Until next time ^____^

April Recap


1. Princess of Mars by E.B. Rice
2. Blue Dragon by Kylie Chan
3. Black Ice by Andrew Lane
4. Bedlam by Andrew Lane

1. Quidditch amigurumi
2. Perler bead creations
3. Scrabble tile pendants
4. Totoro amigurumi
5. Fuwa clay charms
6. 2 cookie bracelets

Until next time ^_____^