Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dans Mon Jardin biscornu

Design: Dans mon jardin by Jardin Prive
Fabric: 32ct cream Belfast
Threads: DMC
Start/Finish: 8/14-19, 22-27/2011
Finished: as biscornu on 8/28/2011

I put the last whip stitches on this biscornu a little while ago. This was a fun design to stitch and try my hand at making a 15-sided biscornu. The only downside was the bumpiness of the design even though I trimmed the edges inside.

In other news, I had pre-ordered the JSC Halloween Collection book from Down Sunshine Lane last month and I received it in the mail on Friday. I was excited to get a book from JSC full of Halloween designs, but when I received it I was a little disappointed. The last section of the book is the 'best of the best' past Halloween ornaments from JSC magazine. I would have rather seen more new designs and left that whole section out. People who buy the Halloween magazine issues when they come out every year usually keep them for future use so I didn't see the point of the 'best of the best' section.

I was also disappointed in a lot of the larger designs. Maybe I'm just biased because I'm not a fan of designs on Aida or that involve a lot of backstitching as it makes the design look 'amateurish.' But that is just my opinion.

I will be stitching some of the designs from the book so no worries :)

Until next time ^____^


  1. Cute! Really Cute! Good Job Bunny! :)

    That really does suck about the magazine...I also hate all of the advertizements that take like 5 pages in the back. I think they put it in there just to make you go and buy the back issues. :p

    Can't wait to see what you make for Halloween!! :)

  2. looooove the biscornu!! great job!

  3. I think this biscornu is gorgeous! Good work Bunny!