Monday, August 8, 2011

Bread and jam

A picture of the cranberry-orange loaf that I made yesterday. I cut a slice off this morning. Sweet and tart at the same time. I used dried cranberries since fresh cranberries aren't in season. I'm not sure how I feel about this one, I'll have to test it on my family :P

8 ounce jars of mixed berry jelly. For my first time making jelly, it was a bit hectic and quite messy! The jelly came out very, very sweet. My sister and I both agreed that it almost needs something to cut the sweetness. Now that it is completely cooled and refrigerated, we will have to try it on some toast :) The recipe says that it makes six 8oz jars of jelly when in fact it makes 8-1/2 jars. I put the jelly in four small jars (like the ones pictured) and 2 large pint jars.

I think I will look out for a smaller batch recipe next time. Maybe strawberry! Yum ;)

Amanda, thank you for the comment on my previous post. To answer your question, I have the following brooches:

As of right now, I have 47 brooches total. Nine of those brooches are older C-clasp brooches, with three of the C-clasp brooches being Victorian in date. I have two real brooches in my collection, one is an Edwardian cameo in 12kt gold and an onyx and marcasite cameo brooch. Fourteen of those brooches are Kirks Folly. I also have three brooches that I have made from buttons or charms.

I also have just as many Christmas brooches, maybe 20 or so. I really didn't feel like digging them out to count them all. I don't consider them 'mine' because my mother and I swap them out during the holidays to wear to work.

Until next time ^___^

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