Monday, August 1, 2011

Off to see the wizard....

Design: The Wizard of Oz by Shiny Room Designs
Fabric: 28ct tea Monaco linen by Charles Craft
Threads: DMC
Start/Finish: 7/24 & 31/2011

Hi, everyone! I finished up this biscornu last night. I made some changes to the design. I didn't care much for the castles on the front of the biscornu or the cat characters on the back of the biscornu so I decided not to stitch them. I still like the design as it is with the characters by themselves and the Wizard of Oz title on the back. I added ruby-colored buttons to the center.

In other news, our computer has a crazy virus so I'm posting now using my laptop. Hopefully, we can get the computer up and running soon!

Also, I received some patterns in the mail today from Down Sunshine Lane. I ordered two of JBW's new designs and two patterns from Jardin Prive. I can't wait to start on some of them :)

Until next time ^____^


  1. That looks really good! :) It would be really cute if you had ruby slipper buttons or silver slipper buttons :) Good job! :)

    I hope your computer is ok. :)

  2. Cute biscornu :) , I think it looks great with your changes !