Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh, dear!

Hi, again! I woke up early this morning with the thought of stopping by the library. I had a book on hold and wanted to look out for some others to read. While standing at the computer, looking through the catalog, I overheard the saddest question imaginable.

A young girl, maybe high school or early college aged, asked the librarian at the reference desk the following question: 'What year did the 20th century start?'

I know some people probably would have burst out in a fit of laughter, but all I could do with bite my lip and frown. How can you go through school without knowing when a century starts? Anyone? Part of me was extremely sad that someone would ask that question, the other part extremely angry that the question was even asked at all since you would think it would be common knowledge.

I will give the librarian credit, she didn't laugh, she answered the question politely, but I wonder if she was asking herself the same thing, "How can you not know that?" and "Who didn't teach you this?"

I will say this, there are no 'stupid' questions out there. I'm glad someone answered her question. I really wish her teacher could have answered her question instead...

Until next time.

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