Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hi, everyone! I took the day off yesterday to run some errands like stopping by the post office (embroidery magazines from Australia) and getting an oil change. My sister got out of work early and we went to the theaters to see The Help. My sister had read the book when it had first come out, while I didn't read it until just recently when the movie release was being announced.

Our theater wasn't packed with people going to the movies since it was a one o'clock showing, but I was surprised by the people who did attend. We had maybe 30-40 people, majority adults in their 50s and up. My sister and I were amazed to see so many people in their 70s+ at the theater. We counted maybe 5 people in their 20s and one African-American couple. I shouldn't have been surprised at all really because those age groups would have gone through the Civil Rights time period. Having read the book or not, they would have been interested to see how it was portrayed on the screen.

Was the movie a faithful portrayal of the book? I would say yes. There were a few changes and definitely some scenes from the book that I would have liked to have seen in the film, but overall is was fantastic. Congratulations to the leading ladies for their stellar performances.

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