Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sukoshicon 2013

Yesterday, my friends and I drove to Fort Walton Beach for Sukoshicon, an anime convention. It was quite a fun day despite the cold, dreary, and rainy day! Sadly there weren't a lot of panels scheduled and those that had been scheduled were canceled. And the dealers' room which boasted 32 tables only had fifteen or so.

Since there weren't any panels to go to, my friends and I drove over to the local mall to look around. Guess what I found?

Yes, that's right! Boba (bubble) tea! SWEET!!! I was so excited. You would have thought it was another Christmas or something. Boba tea shops are rare in the South so when one magical appears, I get giddy as a kid. I got my friends to try it too. They had black tea with boba and I had almond tea with boba.

While wandering the mall, Nicole and I took a picture of this:

You would have thought we were crazy tourists, but in our defense, we'd never seen one before!

Did we get any? Nope, it was $3.00 for two scoops of candy.....egads!

Coming back to the convention, we decided to wander the halls to take pictures of cosplayers. This is a cute little girl dressed up as Psy. She was Gangnam styling it all around the convention.

The convention hosted a Lolita meetup so there were some lovely ladies and gents dressed in Gothic/Lolita styles. Too cute!

My friend Nicole and the Joker. He did an amazing job on his makeup!

Poison Ivy and Captain America!

Pikachu.....I've never been a fan of Pokemon. But I loved this girl's costume. She even added lights on her tail!

I stopped this girl at the end of the cosplay contest before we went off to eat dinner before a concert. She's dressed as Sephiroth from FFVII. I love her Moogle doll ;)

My friend Kristina wanted to see a concert that the convention was hosting later in night. They are called Final Weapon and have a great sound, rock/metal composed around video game themes.

A convention isn't a convention without a stash of goodies that you come home with!

I bought two owl plushies in the Artists' Alley, one steampunk and the other is a pirate. I might have to make some alterations to the steampunk owl. It is cute, but I don't like how the artist used glue on the 'eyeglass' that didn't dry clear. So I might have to take it off and redo it ;)

Also purchased something FANTASTICAL!!

Yes, more geekiness! I've always, ALWAYS wanted a pocket watch, but never saw one that I liked. One of the vendors in the dealers' room sound vintage watches and antiques. I couldn't resist the pocket watches. All of them were made to show the front and back gears moving.

Front of pocket watch. I was debating on this one and another one. Kristina and Nicole said the ornate one was better so it came home with me.

Back of pocket watch. I love seeing the gears move ;)

Overall, it was a great day with friends despite the late night driving back to Mobile (2 1/2 hours!). We should do it again >____<

Until next time ^____^


  1. Aw, you got a picture of my little sister! Thanks to everyone being so kind she wants to be Psy again.

  2. Boba!!! So, you have a shop that's a little! :) Does the watch work? It's so beautiful!!! hehe I loved the owls too but you could totally make those! hehe