Sunday, January 6, 2013

Oh, Canada!

Last Thursday I finally got my friend Constance's package in the mail. You would think that a package from Canada wouldn't take so long since it's just above us......go figure on the postal service.

The two packages I sent to her got there last week too! I loved the fact that when I tracked the package online it said it was in Miami before waiting to go to its destination. Why does it go down to go up? I have no idea!

Constance sent a lovely package full of things from Canada and New Zealand.

Chocolates and cookies, all maple flavored! Yummy!~

I thought the name on this tin was hilarious!

More yummy chocolates!

Two craft sets, one for a bracelet and the other is for a flower felt brooch.

Also included was a set of bath salts, a beautiful wooden bookmark from New Zealand and an Native American themed photo album from Ontario.

Thank you darling for the lovely package! I divided the chocolates/cookies up on Friday morning and took some of them to work for my coworkers to try. They loved it!

Until next time ^_____^


  1. I'm glad it finally got to you! I can't to see how the brooch turns out. Maybe it will inspire some more of your own designs.

  2. Oh yeah, the postal ways are sometimes a bit mysterious, lol. Enjoy all your goodies.