Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I got a Sizzix Big Shot machine for Christmas! Woot! Before Christmas I had gone through all my cross stitch and craft magazines to see which ones I wanted to give to my friends for them to lovingly 'fight' over. In one of the magazines I came across an article on die cut machines and which ones were best for certain materials. The Sizzix Big Shot was mentioned for being great for cutting felt and so I added it to my wishlist.

After Christmas I went by Michael's and bought a flower die cut and this week I went by HB and bought a larger scalloped envelope die cut. I plan on making some needle books out of them ;) 

Aren't they adorable?! I love this machine! Though I do wish one thing.......that my friend Amanda was here to play with it too because it is fabulous for scrapbooking and cardmaking!

Maybe one day!

Until next time ^_______^

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