Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Spring Panda Package! Woot!

Hi, everyone! This afternoon after a morning of running errands I came home to a very large package.....possibly XXL in size! My friend Amanda said she would be sending me a package that was large, but I wasn't expecting it to be quite so big!

Inside the box was a white basket wrapped in purple cellophane, two Chia Te bags, and a Wal-greens bag. Look what they contained:

All the gifts together!

Gifts in basket ;)

Pineapple cakes!

I received two boxes of pineapple cakes. They expire soon so I'll have to share them with family, friends, and co-workers to eat them all up!

I think one of things I miss from CA in terms of yummy food is Chinese baked goods. I fell in love with pineapple cakes on my first trip to see Amanda in CA back in 2001. Wow, that's quite a long time ago! At the time she was living in an apartment complex in Walnut, CA and there was a small Chinese bakery nearby. They have all sorts of yummy things to eat. You could spend alot of money trying to buy one of everything to try it all ;) Last year when I was in CA, we were able to make a trip to that bakery. I'm so glad that it's still there >__<

A container full of candy!~

I have a notorious sweet tooth so this was more than welcome. The container had Skylar bars, cookies, and candy in it. In another part of the package, she sent me some chocolate candies! Yum!!!

Crafty goodies for me!! Mwahahahaha! A milk carton cell charm, a steampunk donut cell charm, and an egg tart amigurumi plushie! I've seen the first two items on her blog and I thought maybe she was making them for herself or for sale at the convention, but nope, they are mine! Woot! I hadn't seen the egg tart, he is a surprise ;)

I love egg tarts! The last time we were in CA, we stopped by a dim sum restaurant for a traditional Chinese breakfast. I don't think I ate that much.....I'm picky when it comes to strange foods, but I did partake in an egg tart...sweet and so yummy >___<

My Alice bracelet and a surprise for a friend of mine!

I had sent my bracelet to Amanda to fix for me. I was using jump rings that were too large and made the bracelet pop up from my wrist. She used small jump rings linked with a small oval ring. It fits nicely now ;)

A bookmark, Target gift card, and cute bunny gift clip ;)

LOL A funny chocolate bunny and a lantern bunny craft kit!

Another funny bunny that 'poops' candy! And a sock coin purse with a surprise!

A small jade bunny! Isn't it cute? I'm thinking about making a cell charm with this little cutie ;) I just need to find a black cell lanyard.

Letter sets! Sugarbunnies and assorted magical themed one with kitties, unicorns, etc.

Now this threw me for a loop. Is this even sanitary? A box full of pork?

Luckily it contained her amigurumi crafts for our booth! My sister has named the octopi >___<

Introducing Sir Sassafras

And Miss Petunia

A cup cozy! Don't you love it? Super cute and easy to care since it is made from acrylic yarn ;)

Assorted colors of amigurumi fortune cookie keychains ;) They are so tiny and adorable!

Lastly, she sent me an assortment of reusable bags! We were talking about that in an email recently so she sent me several ;) I love the bunny bag the best (you know me!) and I plan to use it as a library bag! My old one that I bought from the local library has seen alot of use and it started to get a hole at the bottom O_o"

Thank you darling for the awesome package of goodies!

Until next time ^____^

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  1. LOL I love the names Becky gave to the Octopi! I will have to ask her to name all of my amigurumi from now on. hehe