Friday, September 30, 2016

September Recap


1. The Wandering Ghost: The Odyssey of Lafcadio Hearn by Jonathan Cott
2. Unbeaten Tracks of Japan by Isabella L. Bird

1. Pikachu amigurumi
2. Bulbasaur amigurumi
3. Eevee amigurumi
4. Nine tail fox amigurumi
5. Squirtle amigurumi
6. Flareon amigurumi
7. Holiday crafting

1. Frogged Sampler 4 Saisons (boo!!!!)
2. Started Sweet Christmas by Cuore e Batticuore

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a great September. It seems like the year is flying by with October starting tomorrow.

I spent the month crocheting quite a bit on amigurumi for next year's convention and holiday gifts.

Reading was mostly spent in the world of 19th century America and Japan with Lafcadio Hearn and Isabella Bird.

I have had Isabella Bird's Unbeaten Tracks of Japan on my Kindle for quite a while and finally got around to reading it last week. She traveled from Yokohama to Yezo (what now is called Hokkaido), an area of Japan that wasn't well known at the time. Her observations on the Ainu people is quite interesting from a historical and anthropological standpoint.

On the stitching front, I had a frustrating time frogging my Sampler 4 Saisons pattern, but I made it and started to stitch over in the areas I had to frog. At least it taught me a valuable lesson: buy plenty of thread when you start a project because you never know if the dye lot will change.

Up side, I started Sweet Christmas by Cuore e Batticuore, which I am loving so far despite the coarse linen I am working on.

My goals for October are purely cross stitch related. I would like to spend the entire month on my stitching. No crochet, just cross stitch.

I should be getting the fabric and threads I ordered for the Potions pattern in the mail soon. I would like to add it to my rotation of cross stitch with Sampler 4 Saisons and Sweet Christmas.

It should be interesting to see how far I can get in my stitching with an entire month. to consult a calender and figure out a rotation plan :)

Until next time >___<

P.S. The fall weather has finally made it to AL this morning with lows in the 50s/highs in the 80s. I hope it continues to progress into fall. It's my favorite time of year next to spring. I could really skip summer and winter altogether :)

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  1. Rachel, you are one busy girl! September flew by for me, too. But, I didn't not get half as much done as you. LOL Last week, we were 110 degrees during the day 50 degrees at night. We finally got down to the 70's, but still in the high 40's at night. At least I can sleep...I hate the heat!