Monday, October 10, 2016

Autumn and Halloween Packages!

Good evening! I sent off my Halloween package to my friend Amanda quite early this year as I included some crafting items I thought she might like to use in her cardmaking, etc.

I found some adorable stamp/die cut sets at Michael's, glittery paper tape from Target and you know I had to throw in some sort of sweet so I sent some Butterfingers and Peeps. Of course, the chocolate melted in the CA heat, I have a feeling the Peeps probably made it through just fine....which is spooky!!

My homemade item for Amanda's package was a Halloween themed banner that I crocheted using a pattern I found on Red Heart's website. I finished crocheting all the pumpkins, etc. while watching the Olympics and finished adding the eyes, mouths and attaching everything together in September.

Amanda sent me a cute picture of the Halloween banner displayed on her staircase railing. Lol If I knew she was going to display it there, I would have made it longer :)

On Friday I received a mid-autumn festival package from Amanda. She sent me a signed copy of Imprudence by Gail Carriger, a cute kitty card, and a box full of goodies!!!

(drool O_o") Lots and lots of various red bean cakes and pineapple cakes, chocolate, and specialty Kit Kats!!! 

My favorite so far are the Harrod's tea flavored mooncakes that Amanda's aunt had gotten from the Harrod's location in Taiwan. They are flavored with earl grey tea! Absolutely delicious. For once I'm glad there are only two in my package because if I had more, I'd eat them all day.

The other favorite is the red bean with walnut mooncake (in the lower left of box). The pairing of red bean and walnut is yummy. And I love the crust on the pastry. It reminds me of Japanese red bean cakes which can have a pancake like texture :)

My sister and I tried the Shinshu Apple Kit kat (I want a bag of those!!!) and the other limited edition flavor, wasabi. Lol We didn't know it was wasabi, it tasted more like a pepper or grass than wasabi. 

As I know I can't eat all of these mooncakes by myself, I plan on taking them to work to share with the coworkers in my department. My coworker Jeff loves trying Oriental foods and sweets and is a willing guinea pig when I bring things in to try. You can't go wrong with sweets!!

Thanks for the fantastic box of goodies and the book (adding it to my collection)!!!

Until next time >___<

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