Monday, October 17, 2016

October - Second week of stitching

Good evening, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and a good start to the work week. Here is my post about my second week of stitching :)

On Sampler 4 Saisons, I was able to finish the second page of the middle section so now I'm down to two more patterns. I'll happy dance to that since the pattern has a total of 8 pages!!

This week I'll be on the bottom of the tree, sparse branches (compared to the amount in the rest of the tree), and falling leaves. I would love to finish this pattern by the end of the month, but we'll see how far I get.

On Sweet Christmas, I finished the second motif which was several cute little cakes and started the white border of the dome covered cake beside the strawberry cake. I should have taken a picture before I started today, but I already had my linen secured in a Q-snap and the linen's hard to iron after being in the Q-snap for a while ;)

Today I stitched a little bit on the inside of the dome. I thought I would get more done, but I got a strange case of the sneezes at work, which always makes me tired. Why do allergies make you tired? My sister joked that maybe it was because my head wasn't getting enough oxygen from my running nose. Thanks, sis. At least, I know I'm amusing to someone when I start sneezing all over the place!

I hope by Wednesday, I'll be able to start stitching for my Christmas exchange. I have a pattern picked out and over the weekend, I went and got the linen, threads, beads, and the finishing items I needed. I'm hoping that once I finish the pattern, it will work on the wood circles I got to finish the item! (fingers crossed!!!)

Until next time ^____^


  1. Are those little cup cakes? Yummmy! I am still in love with the red stitching. I can't see me doing an eight page pattern...I will live this pattern through you! LOL Have a wonderful week!

  2. Great progress on your Four Seasons. I love this project. And also your Sweet Christmas is growing steadily.