Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday Baking - Harvest Loaves

Hi, everyone! My aunt bought me an adorable fall themed bundt pan from Nordicware.

Yesterday, I tried the recipe for harvest loaves that was on the back of the wrapping. They turned out great. A hint of sweetness and a little rum flavoring.

I love how easy the pan was to use and clean. I thought I'd have trouble getting the bundts to come out, but I used Pam spray with flour so no problems there :)

I like the small batch that this pan makes. It is perfect for making a dessert for my family and my aunt's family! And oddly enough, it is perfect for work as well as I have six coworkers in my department :)

I think I might make another batch of these little cakes this weekend, but I will use muscovado sugar and forgo the rum. It should be interesting to see how it will taste.

Hope you are enjoying the fall by making yummy treats too!

Until next time >___<


  1. They look delicious. Let us know how your coworkers liked them.

  2. Oh, Rachel, those are just too darn cute!! Maybe pumpkin flavored next? LOL