Monday, September 5, 2016

Sampler 4 Saisons disaster!

Is it polite to curse on blog posts? Because I feel like it right now. So I got out my Sampler 4 Saisons pattern, removed it from the Q-snaps, and ironed it so I could move to a new section.

And guess what?

Even though all the skeins I had were DMC 498, they are different colors........which you can tell from the tree branch on the right and the section of branches at the lower left....

Part of me wants to let loose an unholy scream of cross stitcher frustration and the other part is so tempted to throw this bloody project in my closet where it will stay for decades!!!! the rational part me says go to Hobby Lobby with a piece of the correct color of 498 and see if it matches. If it is darker and matches the newer tree section....I'll just have to suck it up and frog 90% of the tree. I will pray to the craft gods that the thread matches the correct i.e. lighter color.

So much for a nice lazy day of stitching.......

Until next time :**(


  1. Oh no, Rachel, I am so sorry. You are allowed to say all the bad words you like, on the inside. It is too beautiful to quit. I haven't had any problem with DMC, but when working with hand dyeds, you never know what you are going to get. I've spent many an hour cussing at certain dyers. LOL

    So, you're right, go ahead and pack up your rational side, take the trip to Hobby Lobby.

    Think of it as an extra chance to see the fall decorations. Yes? Maybe?

    I hope your day gets better....

    1. Lol My rational side won. I went by Hobby Lobby. It didn't match at all, but the threads were lighter than those dark trees. I think I am going to stitch as far as I can get with the threads have left and then I'll start with those I bought today.

      I wish I had time to admire the fall items, but I was booking it through the shop because I thought rain was on the way. I think the rain is headed towards New Orleans.

      It is strange that DMC threads were different. Who knows why?!?!

      I've 'frogged' the dark tree. Now I'll move on to those branches.

      I don't think I'll have the heart to stitch today after frogging.

      I'll put it aside for the weekend when I'm in a better mood to stitch :)

    2. I am very proud of your restraint...LOL

  2. Oh my, Rachel, how bad. I have had this happen with DMC colours twice. Quite obviously their dye lots are also changing from time to time.
    Good that you found some lighter red threads. I'm sure it won't be visible with them.

  3. I certainly hope so. I plan on going by some other craft stores this weekend to see if anything matches, but I might have to stick with what I got from hobby lobby.

    Glad to know I'm not the only person with DMC issues. I never had a problem before, but I guess it's bound to happen with an older WIP.