Saturday, April 4, 2015

Valentine Package from Amanda

Yes, I know this is a late post.......I apologize :*(

In this year's Valentine's Day package, Amanda sent me some cute items like always.

She sent me a rainbow colored crochet pouch by Yummy Pancake (perfect for holding business cards!) which contained two mini buttons, a chubby bunny cell charm, and a bobble head bunny key chain.

In terms of yumminess, she sent some heart shaped Peep marshmallows, a package full of Dove chocolates and macadamia Hershey kisses, and a box of matcha sakura Kit Kats.

For my craft stash, I got a heart mold which I can use for resin work. For my bathroom, she found an adorable bunny soap dish and included a bar of soap from Lush. It's smell great!

She sent me a cute notepad with a I Love Ramen illustration on it. I really do love ramen. It's delicious if not nutritious.

I thought the Kit Kats were a surprise, but then I opened an envelope of these cute thank you bunny cards that Amanda had made me for our etsy shop customers! I love them and can't wait to use them. She's so talented with her card making!

She sent me two handmade cards......aren't they cute?!?!? I love her use of the washi tap on the panda thank you card!

Thank you for my awesome package!!!

Until next time ^___^

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