Saturday, April 4, 2015

February and March Skoshboxes

Hi, everyone! I haven't been keeping up with my blogging lately.....I blame watching Korean dramas and reading books! Needless to say, I'm trying to catch up with my blogging.

For some reason, I didn't photograph the contents of my February skoshbox. I have a feeling I probably thought I had already done so :(

Favorites (in order):
1. Shimi Corn Chocolate - star shaped chocolate puffs. These remind me of chocolate cereal. Makes me wonder if you could add milk to them?!
2. Jagabee Potato Fries - French fry tasting chips. These were quite good in terms of taste. They remind me of potato sticks in a can. My coworkers and I got a laugh out of the packaging. It says that the chips were made in Japan, but exported by a company in California. So did they go from Japan to CA and then back to Japan and then to the US?!?!?
3. Charlotte Matcha Choco - chocolate with a green tea filling. The filling on this chocolate is not a sweet cream matcha, but the regular matcha flavor. It's good, but I would rather have the matcha mochi choco squares from last June's package.

1. Kasugai Fruit Gummies: It must be my luck to get the grape flavor every time there is chance of different fruit flavors.
2. Nakayoshi Soft Cookie Ball: we've encountered these before under a different name (tamago boro cookies) in a skoshbox from May last year.

1. Rilakkuma Gum and Seal Set - gum.......nothing extraordinary about the flavor, but on the plus side it came with an adorable Rilakkuma bookmark and sticker sheet!
2. Mini Box Chewing Gum - gum......again.....

Now onto March's skoshbox, which came in a new box design! Blue with a paper crane illustration along with Japanese text and more cute illustrations.

1. Toppo Biscuit Sticks: Pocky in reverse. A biscuit stick filled with chocolate except the biscuit is a pretzel. Very yummy!!
2. Morinaga Twig Choco: these came in two flavors, regular chocolate and almond. The almond flavor is delicious while the chocolate flavor is just your normal chocolate.
3. Corn Potage Umaibo: another snack from a previous box. I really don't mind have a repeat of this umaibo. It's amazing!
4. S'corn BBQ Puffs: Japanese BBQ flavors puff chips. None of us were sure how this was supposed to be purely Japanese BBQ flavor as it reminded us of your average BBQ chips at the supermarket.
5. Hokkaido Milk Chews: this was like the white rabbit chews you get at your Asian market, but they were a lot softer and the flavor was fantastic.

1. Kishiri Crystal Grape Candy: I didn't try this as it's grape flavored......yuck.....but I had my coworker try it and he liked it. It is a two flavored hard candy with grape and mint. An odd combination, but obviously it went well as my coworker had no complaints.

1. Fujiya Home Pie Premium: another repeat from an earlier skoshbox. It said it was supposed to be a buttery-flaky pie cookie, but it tasted like coconut like the previous snack.

I received April's skoshbox in the mail yesterday so I will have it with my coworkers later this month.

Until next time ^___^

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