Saturday, January 18, 2014

Literary Crafting

I wanted to work on a Sherlock Holmes resin pendant and finally got to last weekend.

I used red and blue glitter and a white heart for Britain's colors and metal initials for Sherlock Holmes in an oval shaped bezel. Love it!

I was able to work on a custom order for an Etsy customer in polymer clay over the weekend too.

She wanted two charms made in glittery pink and white. One was an open book in a Paris theme and a matching pen. Since I didn't have a glaze that wouldn't make inkjet prints bleed, I used laminating paper on the images for the book and glazed them to the book after baking :)

I'd forgotten how fun it can be to work in clay!

Hopefully I can get make more crafts this month >o<

Until next time ^_____^

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