Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Bday Fun!

Kristina and I have birthdays that are really close to one another so she decided to have a pool party this year.

It was a lot of fun...........I opted for staying in the shade for fear of a really bad sunburn!

I knew Kristina and I were celebrating our bdays together, but I didn't think her family would put my name on the cake too! It was a yummy TCBY ice cream cake, half chocolate and half vanilla. We added a third candle because another one of Kristina's friends was having his birthday that day too.


My friend Bonnie didn't have any tags for our presents so she decorated the wrapping paper ;) So geeky!

My haul of gifts! Woohoo! Gift cards to Amazon and Hobby Lobby! Books, notecard set, fruit mochi, and a shell box. My favorite (not that I didn't like all of it!!) was the Ruby Fairy Tales book from Kristina. She knows I love fairy tales and collecting vintage books...........she got me a 1983 edition ;) How beautiful!

Thanks everyone for a great belated bday!

Until next time ^____^

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! What a great book find on Kristina's part. :)