Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Surprise......No, Really!

So I came home tonight from work and asked if anything had come in the mail. Imagine my surprise when I look on the kitchen counter and see a plastic Easter egg addressed to me.

Yes, take a minute.......just digest that sentence for a read that correctly, a plastic Easter egg in the mail.

How did it even get here in one piece? Perhaps the USPS mail personnel in CA are more accepting of crazy packages in the mail, but I don't know if I could get away with sending something like that at my local post office in AL.

Tape torn, label precariously hanging onto the egg for all its $2.07 worth! Yep, I'm still totally amazed that this even got to me!

Cracking open this little plastic egg!!!..................wonder what sorts of goodies are inside............

Some mini KitKat bars, two spring-themed erasers and a cute little message from my friend Amanda.

Let's just say this little 'gem' of a package brightened up my day! Who says that small packages aren't the best? They are fabulous!

Thank you darling!!! Makes me want to think of something I can send in a crazy way through the postal service and see if it gets to its destination!!!

Until next time ^____^

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  1. OMG!! Yea!! It got to you. :) I went up to the post lady to ask if I could send it. She measured and said NO...I had to put it into a box or envelope. But I saw other people had sent it so I bought the stamp at the machine for packages instead and sent it anyways. hehe I'm so glad it got to you!!! yea!!!