Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fairhope Arts & Crafts Fair

Hi! Long time, no blog! I blame being lazy and watching Korean dramas and reading the day away instead of blogging, but also because we have had computer troubles for a couple of weeks now. Luckily, we had someone come out today to work on our service!! Woohoo!

Yesterday, my family and I went to the Arts & Crafts Fair in Fairhope. It was a gorgeous day, which I can attest to with my sunburned arms and neck! You think I would have learned my lesson in sunny weather, but I didn't think it would be that bad.

I didn't take alot of photos, but I did get one of an Asian artist who makes the loveliest silk embroidery pictures!

Sadly, I didn't have the money for any of his artworks! His larger artworks were in the $100s....but so gorgeous! Why no money........LOL I had to buy a hat in a shop......I bought something for a friend......and I stopped in a yarn shop!

Fairhope has a quaint little yarn shop called The Yarn Cottage. I found something I couldn't live without!

Usually when I carry my yarn and supplies around I use a storage bag and the Hello Kitty bag that my friend Bonnie got me for Christmas to carry around my hooks, etc. So when I saw this, I knew it would be perfect!

A cute yarn holder with a removable center area for a skein of yarn, a zipper pocket for supplies, and a section on the other end for hooks.

I love how it clasps shut! And look at that cute little sheep! 'Knit Happy'....or maybe in my case 'Crochet Happy'!!!

All in all, a lovely time in Fairhope..............maybe next year I'll remember to wear some sunscreen!

Until next time ^____^

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  1. I wish I could've come with!! Aww...I love the yarn carrier!! Such a useful little tool and I love the pretty blue! So Jelly! :) Maybe next year we can go together. :)