Saturday, July 18, 2009

A great day for antiques ;)

I went by today to the local Shriner's temple for an antique show. They have one every three months during the year until the Fall when they have one every month up to December. I found several brooches that got my eye. You know I was going to get something, right? Who can resist jewelry?

The oldest brooch that I purchased today. The backing on this one is a C-clasp. I like the agate inside the brooch, it's pretty. I've noticed though that the agate on the sides has faded....can stones do that? Do I have a real agate brooch? Hmm....regardless, it's a nice piece of jewelry.

A small delicate circular brooch with three faux pearls. My birthstone is alexandrite, but the alternative is pearl. As I was growing up, I never cared much for pearls, but I love small delicate-looking ones especially in brooches. I would love to have an alexandrite brooch, but as they are expensive stones, I'll have to save up for one.

A fun pin for next year's St. Patrick's Day! I love looking for holiday pins when I'm out antiquing. I was looking for Fall-themed brooches with pumpkins, leaves, or acorns, but I saw more Christmas pins than any other holiday pins.

Isn't is lovely? I love this little bar pin with its red stone in the center and pearls on the ends. No, the dot in the center of the red stone isn't really there. It's the reflection of my camera lens ^___^"

In other news, my friends and I went out last night after work and saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I will admit that I cried at the end of the movie; I cried while reading the book when it came out as well. It didn't help with the musical score in the background during the end either.

There were some great previews at the beginning of the movie. I think I'll probably go and see Sherlock Holmes as I love period dramas. My friends and I also saw a poster while we were walking into the theater advertising Ponyo on the Cliff by Hayao Miyazaki! We were very excited that the movie is actually coming to our city. When Howl's Moving Castle came out, the only theatre showing it in our area was in Baton Rouge! And yes, we are such Hayao Miyazaki fans that we drove all the way out there to see it (3 hours away) ;)

Until next time! Happy antiquing!


  1. Love your pins!!! Great finds!!! Wish I could have gone with you to the antique show, but the lower back said NO today. Maybe next time. I don't think there is a problem with your agate. It's just the cut. Stop over and look at the agate on my mantle and you'll somewhat of the same thing.

  2. Great finds Rachel, love them!!
    Hope to watch Harry P tom.