Thursday, July 2, 2009

B-day Goodies!

My b-day was a while ago in June and I meant to post pics of my gifts, but I got sidetracked.

I got two of the Christy movies along with the TV series. I love period pieces so these were great! I need to get the last movie and I'll be all set. I had read the book a couple of months ago and quite liked it! I'm glad Christy picked the doctor ;) How can you go wrong with a Scottish accent?!

I almost bought the Jane Austen Treasury for myself, but had to resist since my b-day was coming up. My aunt bought me that book along with the Sew Darn Cute.

Another brooch for my collection. My friend bought me this brooch along with the 100 Applique Motifs book! My favorite season is the Fall so the maple leaf brooch was perfect! I wore it the next week at work....even though it was 100 degrees outside! Wishing for cooler weather, we definitely need it. I'm so jealous, my sister and mother had gone by Hobby Lobby today O_o" They were browsing the Fall goodies without me >__< Not fair! The last time I was there, they had a lovely Welcome sign with each letter made in a glass pumpkin. How nice would that be on the front of the house?!

I've been eyeing this brooch ever since I saw it in the catalog from the Victorian Trading Co. My sister knew I wanted it so she got it for me ;) I saw that she had gotten a package from VTC, but I didn't realize it was going to be a brooch. Isn't it neat? I thought it was very unusual, but a fun idea that a cupid has the job of feeding the Moon pearls to make him shine and become full!

I also received a New Moon t-shirt and pins from my mother! LOL Our entire family, including my aunts, are addicted to the Twilight books. We can't wait for the next movie to come out in November though we are equally excited for the Harry Potter 6 movie that is coming out later this month ;)

Until next time!

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