Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday baking with a side of rain

This morning I chose another recipe from The Southern Cookie Book to try out, molasses-spice crinkle cookies. With a lot of trial and error between the batches, I finally found the right temperature and time for these cookies. My mistake was trying to use a cookie scoop instead of using my hands to roll the dough into 1 inch balls. My cookie scoop was giving me slightly larger cookies, which meant a guessing game between the temperature and time.

Note to self, don't use the cookie scoop when it calls for you to roll the dough!

This afternoon I made some Ceylon tea that my friend Amanda had brought back with her from Canada. It was a perfect pairing for the cookies. I sipped my tea while watching a gully washer outside.

Until next time >___< 


  1. Oh, Rachel. I love, love, love molasses cookies!! There is something about the sweet, salty taste. My mouth is watering...LOL

  2. Lol There weren't salty...overwhelming sweet with the sugar I rolled them....(O_o")