Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday Crafting

I spent Saturday finishing up details on various amigurumis. I had ordered some nice keyring clasps from Amazon and used those to make some of my smaller amigurumis into keychains.

The top image of amigurumis are my finishes so far this month. I am especially proud of the sushi roll. It is crocheted using joined rounds.

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but the majority of amigurumi patterns are stitched using continuous rounds and I could never seem to get the hang of crocheting with joined rounds, but YouTube is always your best friend when you need crochet tutorials. I found this great video by Hookabee. It explains how to crochet in joined rounds and the best part is the fact that you can clearly see what she is doing.

I have two more amigurumis to finish this month. The finish line is in sight!!!

Until next time >___<

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