Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Recap


1. Phiz: The Man Who Drew Dickens by Valerie Browne Lester
2. Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
3. Never Cry Wolf by Amanda Carlson
4. Family of Her Dreams by Keli Gwyn
5. Sword and Blossom by Peter Pagnamenta and Momoko Williams
6. Blood Kiss by J.R. Ward
7. Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson

1. No Face amigurumi
2. Squirtle amigurumi
3. Black Mage amigurumi
4. Baymax amigurumi
5. Blooper amigurumi
6. Fox pilot amigurumi
7. Meowth amigurumi
8. Voodoo doll amigurumi
9. Bat amigurumi

My favorite book of the month was Sword and Blossom. It is a non fiction book detailing the relationship between a British soldier, Arthur Hart-Synnot, and a Japanese woman, Masa Suzuki. They wrote letters to each other for forty years....over 800 letters!

This book pulls at the heart strings and had me thinking about it days after I was finished reading it. You keep hoping the ending will change, but it seems Fate wasn't on the side of these lovers.

It is wonderful love story and an unique glimpse at Japan at the turn of the century and after both world wars.

In terms of crafting, yet again more and more amigurumi dolls. I love crocheting, but I'll be glad when July is here....I can focus on stitching. I have a million patterns I would love to stitch!!

Until next time ^___^

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