Sunday, May 8, 2016

Book Sale Finds

Yesterday I went by the Mobile Public Library's annual book sale. It was quite busy this year, which doesn't surprise me as the weather was great.

There was an interesting display of pulp fiction novels. I've never seen a pulp fiction book in the 'wild'. Usually I only come across them online so it was neat to see so many. It makes me wonder who donated them to the sale because they were in great condition.

In the vintage/antique book section, I bought two books with the hope of donating them to my local university. The first book is on Arctic exploration in the 1880s and the other is a book that was published in 1906 after the earthquake in San Francisco. It has eye witness accounts of the disaster.

I figure if the university doesn't take them then I'll keep them for myself.

In the travel section I found several books on Japan, including an odd comedic take on Japan by Dave Barry.

I can't wait to read The Heart of O Sono-San by Elizabeth Cooper published in 1917.

In the Kyoto travel guide, I found another bit of ephemera, a man's plane ticket from the 1985 flying Northwest Orient.

I bought one of the pulp fiction novels, A House in Peking. The cover art is interesting, I especially love the fact that the book pages are green colored on the edges.

Until next time ^___^

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