Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cherry Cake stitching

I spent the day stitching on the CCN cherry cake pattern. I completed the border and lettering and started the cherry motifs on the right. I'll pick it up again next week for my Frolic stitching project :)

Tomorrow I plan on doing some baking. A few months ago I found a container of Bird's custard powder at Whole Foods and decided to pick it up. I found a recipe for a custard cake that I would like to try out. I hope it turns out alright as I don't have the required size pan for it.

Afterwards I hope to crochet another amigurumi before Easter dinner at my aunt's house.

I hope you are enjoying a great weekend so far :)

Until next time >___<


  1. Good morning, Rachel. Very nice on your stitching. I've seen those patterns, but never thought about putting them all together. I think it will be so sweet when finished. Have a wonderful day!

  2. A nice project you are working on. And I'm sure whenever you stitch on it you feel the urge to bake, lol. I'm sure your custard cake was delicious.