Saturday, January 2, 2016

Snail Mail ~ California Christmas Package

Today I recently a lovely package in the mail from my best friend Amanda. She wrapped some of the gifts in peppermint striped paper and the other gifts were in a pretty cardinal tin and a fun Daiso Christmas boot.

I hadn't even seen what was inside this package yet because I was busy squealing over the cuteness of this bunny tag!!!

The Japanese are so inventive with holiday products. I don't think I've seen a Christmas boot before. I plan on reusing it for this year's Christmas wrapping. It's too fun not to pass it on to another friend.

Here's all the goodies I've received: a Knowledge is Power tshirt, some fluffy and soft bear socks, two Starbucks ornaments with illustrations for LA and California on them, some buttons, a cute dino keychain, earplug reel set, a sushi headphone jack, a Christmas washi tape, a box of bunny paperclips (!!!), some handmade soap by Willow & Honey, two Taiwanese pineapple cakes (yum!), a bunny Starbucks gift card, and a beautiful brooch.

Isn't the brooch beautiful? It's going to join the other brooches in my collection. Hopefully I will get to wear it at work soon.

She also sent a gorgeous handmade Christmas card. Amanda, you are too crafty!!! Assuming that's even possible.

Thank you, darling, for the wonderful Christmas package!!

Until next time >___<

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  1. Oh, another fan of brooches here!! I love to wear them on my wool coats...I think that extra splash of color adds to my flair. LOL Have a great day!