Sunday, January 17, 2016

B is for Bunny - First Finish of 2016 ♡

Pattern: B is for Bunny by The Sweetheart Tree
Fabric: 28ct Summer Khaki Cashel linen
Threads: DMC, Rainbow Gallery Wisper, #12 Perle Coton, and Crescent Colours Cocoa Bean
Start/Finish: 1/3-17/2016

Good evening! I was able to finish my little bunny pattern a few moments ago.

This afternoon I was mulling over my DMC threads trying to find an alternative color to the recommended DMC 642 for the backstitching and Rhodes heart variations. I stitched a bit on the large 'B' letter and took my stitching over to my aunt's to ask her opinion on my choice. I had used some of my Crescent Colours Cocoa Bean thread. My aunt liked the choice so I continued to use it for the rest of the design.

The pattern called for DMC 644 for the outer borders, but as that color blended too well with fabric like the DMC 642, I opted to use ecru in those areas instead.

Overall, I loved stitching this pattern as it give me a few stitches to learn. The scotch stitch had me scratching my head at first because I was reading the pattern as 2 over 2 so when I saw the illustration of the stitch over more than 2, I didn't know how I was supposed to make the stitch.  Turns out my eyes were misreading the stitch symbol on the chart as it the illustrated by diagonal lines. When I looked closer I realized the diagonal lines weren't in just one square, but two. Problem solved…lol...

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.....crafting, relaxing, or reading....perhaps a bit of all three :)

Until next time >___<


  1. Rachel, that is beautiful! I think that the cocoa bean was a perfect choice. Your little heart is gorgeous. Congratulations on your finish!

  2. What a wonderful finish this is. And you were doing great taking ecru for the border. It just pops out a bit and looks perfect on this design. Congratulations on finishing it!