Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Stitching Progress

Hi, everyone! Here is my progress on the Sampler 4 Saisons pattern from last Friday and this Friday. Not a great amount of stitching, but as I promised to only work on it on Friday nights that is to be expected :)

We get a three day weekend so I plan on stitching some more on my Sweetheart Tree bunny design, find some yarn to finish my octopus amigurumi, and perhaps bake on Sunday. I found a recipe for a flourless chocolate cardamom cake that I would like to try.

Tomorrow morning I plan on stopping by my favorite used bookstore, The Book Nook, and then go by the craft stores in town. I had enough pink yarn to finish the head and tentacles on my octopus amigurumi, but did not have a darker pink for its ruffle or spots so I plan stopping by Michael's to see what they have :)

Happy crafting everyone! Until next time >___<

1 comment:

  1. Good morning, Rachel. Your sampler is beautiful! That is still my favorite shade of red...

    Isn't that the way it goes? You are ALMOST done, but you always need one skein of something to finish. LOL I don't think I've ever had all my supplies when I've started a project, unless it came as a kit. LOL

    I've got Monday off,too...lots of stitching planned! Have a good weekend.