Thursday, August 20, 2015

California Day 5 - We, of the Needle Cross Stitch Shop

Good afternoon! Today, Amanda and I only had one goal: finding a cross stitch shop.

We started out with lunch at California Fish Grill. I got their fish tacos which came with a side of fries and beans. Oddly enough, the beans reminded me of the cans of Heinz beans you'd find in England.

Afterwards, we drove over to Brea, CA to the We, of the Needle shop. I had bought a Halloween pattern from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery earlier this year and was hoping to find a different color linen for the project instead of the usual creams and tans at my local stores.

The shop has a nice selection of threads, patterns, and linens and even antique embroidery related items. The back of the shop has a framing section where you can get your finished projects framed.

We were greeted by a cute dog as we entered the shop. He loved Amanda and kept coming up to her for some pets. I wish I could have petted him, but I was afraid I'd start inching if I did.

The ladies at the store were friendly and helpful. I had showed them a picture of the design I wanted to work on and asked whether the linen I had chosen would work well with it. I was hoping to find a gray color with a bit of sparkle, but they didn't have a sparkly version so I went with another gray.

I also purchased JBW Designs' Witch pattern and a wooden acorn needleminder. The shop had a mini rabbit fob pattern freebie by The Sweetheart Tree so I grabbed one of those as well.

I highly recommend the shop if you are nearby. I love that the staff was friendly. That aspect is always an important point with me at any cross stitch shop and definitely encourages repeat customers.

I wish I could transport the shop to AL. We need a good cross stitch shop!

After that Amanda took me to Beverly's Best bakery for some macarons. We came for the macarons, but left with a few items: a raspberry lemon cupcake, a pumpkin bar, and a snowball cookie. All of it was good, but my favorite was the pumpkin bar. It requires a fork to eat as its bottom layer is pumpkin filling. Yum!!

Tomorrow is my last day in CA since I'll be flying out on Saturday morning. We plan on doing some last minute shopping and taking High Tea at a tea room in the afternoon.

Until next time >____<

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  1. I have been following your California adventure posts and quite obviously you are having a lot of fun there. Visiting a cross stitch store is certainly one of the high points on such a trip - at least for me it would be as I don't have anything like a craft store nearby. We of the Needle seems to be a store that you'd love to have nearby.