Tuesday, August 18, 2015

California Day 3 - Hot Dogs and Kpop Heaven

Good morning. Since yesterday was a half day for Amanda, I spent the morning watching Pride and Prejudice while cross stitching. Around noon, Amanda's mom persuaded me to go with her to pick up lunch despite all my polite 'oh, but I'm ok until later' comments.

She asked if I wanted hot dogs and I said that sounded good. I remembered that Amanda said Dog Haus was one of her favorite places for hot dogs.

I ended up getting the Scott Baioli (at top in picture above), which comes with smoked bacon, white American cheese, garlic aioli, and caramelized onions on Hawaiian rolls that are toasted together to form a bun. It's definitely a fork and knife meal because of all the toppings. It was delicious for lunch. I will have to remember this place the next time I visit CA.

After lunch, I spent some more time cross stitching while waiting for Amanda to get home from work. She got home and we chatted while she ate lunch before deciding to see if the shop I remembered from last time was still in Yes Plaza.

Luckily it was so we spent a while in Hello Goodie, which sells character plushies, mugs, and other merchandise. The back part of their store is devoted to Asian music and film and tv series. No photography was allowed, but I took a few pictures so I could text my friend Kristina to see what kpop albums she already had. I have nicknamed the store 'kpop heaven' because of a comment Kristina made when I sent her one of the pictures. I really hope the store is still here when we visit Amanda in the future because the prices on the music/dvds was reasonable compared to the prices found online.

Bag of goodies from Hello Goodie shop!! I can't say what I bought as they will be Christmas or future birthday gifts! Mwahahaha!

Near Hello Goodie in the same shopping plaza is one of Amanda's favorite boba/dessert shops, Phoenix. We stopped in and had boba tea and dessert while chatting about our new favorite movies and tv series. Have you guys watched the movie, Jupiter Ascending? It isn't Oscar material, but visually it is quite beautiful. I was telling Amanda about how creepy the villain in the movie is. I hadn't realized it was the same guy who played in Les Miserables. Who would have thought he could play the villain so well?!

After that we stopped by another Japanese market called Tokyo Central. Amanda wanted to check it out because it had just reopened. I'm glad we did because I found four of my favorites that I have either had in my Skoshbox or that Amanda had sent me. I was happy to find a large bag of Black Thunder bars. We even found their last mini bag of sakura flavored Tiriol bars! At first, I thought they weren't the same ones from my Skoshbox, but they were. The same goes for the potachan senbei. I thought it tasted different from before, but they are the sweet/slightly salty senbei from my Skoshbox.

I also found an interesting flavor of Doritos for my sister and I to try. I think it might be bonito flavor, but I'm not sure because of the salsa illustration on the front of the bag.

After coming back home, we decided to play with Amanda's stamps and the shrinky plastic she got at Daiso. I brought some Shrinky Dink paper with me. We both agree that the stamps look better on the Daiso clear paper. I think we will have to make some more. The crafting possibilities with the Daiso paper are endless.

Today is another half day so Amanda and I will be going to Little Tokyo this afternoon and then to a tea ceremony put on by their local Japanese language learning organization.

Until next time >___<

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