Saturday, June 27, 2015

Panda Birthday Package

I received my birthday package from Amanda the same day I got May's Kawaii Box, which meant alot of fun packages to go through!!!

I always like the way that Amanda packages items. She used a cute bunny mug to hold the smaller items and wrapped it up in tissue paper. For the other items she used a large photo box with Big Ben on the cover! And as always, she included an adorable handmade card for my birthday! Also pictured is a bunny cool wrap. You freeze the cold pack and insert it into the bunny and wrap it around your neck, etc. How cute is that?!?!?

These were the items included in the bunny mug: a set of bunny sticky tabs, a really awesome steampunk Mickey Mouse pin (the gear ears MOVE!!! O-O"), a small pack of pineapple gummies, a pack of birthday cake flavored gum (cute!), and a bunny key topper.

In the Big Ben box was an assortment of cute things and Pocky! She sent me packs of matcha flavored Pocky, a bunny egg mold for hard boiled eggs, and a metal mold to shape rice, etc. into a bunny shape. Lots of paper goodies: a pack of bunny gift boxes, a sticky mental note set, flower shaped post-its, and two beautiful washi tapes.

I actually have a set of those flower shape post-its. I use them when I am crocheting to take notes or keep track of my rounds. I'm glad to have some more to use as I'm running out of the ones I have now O_o"

In the small box on the right, she sent two mini Yankee candles, jelly bean and bunny cake. I think my fave is the bunny cake. I love candles that smell of sweet bake goods.

The last items included was a copy of the second volume of the manga Soulless and a copy of Cinder on audiobook. I thought perhaps Amanda had forgotten that I already had a copy, but it was a SIGNED edition. *squeal of bibliophile madness* I haven't read Cinder yet so I'm glad to have it on audiobook. I think I'll bring it with me to work to listen to while I do mindless work like Photoshop.

Thank you for the extremely cute birthday package!

Until next time ^____^

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