Saturday, June 27, 2015

May Kawaii Box

May's Kawaii Box came the day after my birthday, which was amusing. I've noticed that it takes about three-four weeks for my Kawaii Box to come in the mail so by the time I get it, it's the next month.

May's selection of goodies was adorable!!!

It came with some fun stationery goodies: a Okitoki notebook set, cute alpaca stickers, a mini Rilakkuma letter set, a panda pen, and an alpaca eraser.

There were several cell phone charms/straps: a yummy looking Hello Kitty squishy doughnut, a Harajuku crepe, and a plush banana.

Accessories included were a neon bow hair band, which I don't think I can use because my hair is so thick and a comb and mirror set that folds into a chocolate bar case......I might have to include it as a giveaway prize in the future because yet again, my curly hair will not be tamed by a little comb.

The last accessory is my favorite: a pink and blue alpaca card holder. Sigh......makes me wish I was still in the UK. I would use it as a Travelcard holder. Sadly, I have no use for it here in Alabama.

The food item in the box was Meiji Petit Gum.

I can't wait for June's box......LOL which won't come until July. You gotta love free overseas shipping.

Until next time ^_____^

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